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Net value estimate(18-11-15 15:00)

Guaranteed period income:-0.20%
Near June:-2.54%

Unit net value (2018-11-15)

Near January:0.10%
Nearly 1 year:-0.50%

Cumulative net worth

Near March:-0.99%
Nearly 3 years:0.71%
Fund type: Guaranteed typeFund size: 0.04 billion yuan (2018-09-30)Fund Manager:Yu ZhiyongWait
Established day:2015-03-05Manager:Financial fundFund rating:
No rating yet
Capital preservation period: 3 years (2016.07.07~2019.07.08) Guaranteed principal, interest and fees (Understand the capital preservation rules)Click here to view the current income and earnings

The first batch of sales organizations of the CSRC

Minsheng Bank conducts supervision of trading funds throughout the process

trading status:Open subscriptionOpen redemption
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