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Golden Eagle technology innovation stocks(001167

Net valuation(18-02-09 15:00)

Near January:-12.74%
Nearly 1 year:-4.11%

Net unit value (2018-02-09)

Near March:-14.29%
Nearly 3 years:-

Accumulated net value

Near June:-6.39%
To set up:-37.00%
Fund Type:Stock typeHigh riskFund size: 963 million yuan (2017-12-31)Fund manager:Huang Yanfang
Date of establishment2015-04-30Manager:Golden Eagle FundFund rating:
No rating yet

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Minsheng Bank full trading capital supervision

trading status:Open subscriptionOpen redemption
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    Estimated average deviation of net worth: the average of the deviation of net worth estimate from actual net worth in the past January.
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ClickReplytitleAuthorLatest update time
34 0 Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, nearly a year turned out to be negative growth, other funds are Bridge water Golden Eagle 02-10 16:16
2923 0 announcementGolden Eagle Fund Management Co., Ltd. on the adjustment of its long-term stock fund valuation suspension Fund information 02-10 16:09
193 0 Yesterday all stocks are up, to the negative income! Did not fall today, a drop less, this Hold the base down 02-09 21:14
53 0 Should call the SFC to check, the fund company must have a problem Hold the base down 02-09 21:11
610 1 Formal rat warehouse? Super manager is a thief, hiring manager Huang is also a thief? Bright Hold the base down 02-08 22:05
286 0 This broken manager steal net worth? Today all the positions in the stock rose more than 3 points? This Hold the base down 02-08 21:43
14393 3 announcementGolden Eagle Fund Management Co., Ltd. on the adjustment of its long-term stock fund valuation suspension Fund information 02-08 12:15
133 0 Junk, the market is 3500, but also when the TMD is 30% lower than the issue, Chen Yihua 02-05 13:24
27471 0 announcementGolden Eagle Fund Management Co., Ltd. on the adjustment of its long-term stock fund valuation suspension Fund information 02-04 18:23
257 0 Golden Eagle with long letter like shit garbage, mobilize all do not buy, do not go up Shareholder 2CVRiI 02-01 14:43
34827 0 announcementGolden Eagle Fund Management Co., Ltd. on the opening of the company's letter Huaxin Division Fund information 01-30 08:17
74 0 Really a junk fund, Wen-mai Xia 01-29 20:58
2523 2 I would like to ask you if you have 1 yuan subscription base Cold and warm self-knowledge 683 01-21 17:44
334 0 This fund from the beginning of the purchase fund to die, has been at a loss of 30% Share friend 7siAMP 01-21 17:37
531 0 announcementGolden Eagle Technology Innovation Equity Securities Investment Fund 4th Quarter 2017 Report Fund information 01-21 01:56
108 0 Garbage side, junk yellow everyone do not have to praise her, she is also a party rubbish Very happy 2 01-20 00:09
134 0 Garbage funds, garbage managers have started again Very happy 2 01-17 14:06
128 0 Grandchildren, Grandpa does not play with you! Fragrance of tea 7 01-17 10:53
392 1 To force today, optimistic about Manager Huang! To manager Huang praise! Red Knight on the 18th 01-12 14:56
128 0 Take a party rubbish, do not come to individual rubbish ah, our cost also Very happy 2 01-12 14:53
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