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Net value estimate(18-08-02 15:00)

Near January:-10.22%
Nearly 1 year:-13.90%

Unit net value (2018-08-02)

Near March:-7.72%
Nearly 3 years:--

Cumulative net value

Near June:-5.28%
Fund type:Stock type| High riskFund size: 1.122 billion yuan (2018-06-30)Fund Manager:Zhou WeifengWait
Established day:2017-08-01Manager:Guotai FundFund rating:
No rating yet

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  • Net value estimate average deviation:0.27%
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ClickReplytitleAuthorLatest update time
228 0 You are stupid! Every day yin falls and plunges! You don't care, garbage, I am lazy. Haiyangzhixing62 08-02 13:39
465 0 Damn, don't bother to die there, 8 hair 5 liquidation, stupid AdamJ717 08-02 11:36
640 1 I rely on! zTM! The rhythm of falling crazy! A heart has a heart 08-02 10:17
928 1 Ma B's, a few days of yin fell, thought it would rise, added a little yesterday, still falling! ! Comfortable 82 08-01 22:02
1749 4 I bought it at around 2,700, but it was quilted around 2,900, which is also drunk. Kobe who never retires 08-01 15:04
1978 3 It’s been set up for a whole year, and this chicken is doing this kind of thing. Zhou Weifeng actually got another one. Newman2017 08-01 14:38
1168 1 This chicken didn't make a head, all the clearance, the loss is a foregone conclusion, the money is lost, everyone Windy and elegant 20 08-01 13:02
794 0 This base is not expected to be red in the past few days. Tianshen materials, Hongfa shares have to go down. Kemin dlHe1a 08-01 10:34
500 0 What happened to Hongfa? ? ? Comfortable 82 08-01 09:35
835 0 Mom, too, for the first two days. . . Wang Erwa red earned 07-31 17:06
917 0 There are two downs. What is going on, the manager will not avoid the risk? Kemin dlHe1a 07-31 14:29
1430 1 Cao Nima, you are a garbage, every day, the yin falls, do you have a lot of people? Haiyangzhixing62 07-31 11:14
1564 1 And you are maddening the thunder. Long my heart 6 07-31 10:22
20594 4 announcementAnnouncement of Deputy General Manager of Guotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. Fund information 07-30 16:42
1125 0 The air is dizzy, and the country’s pigs can go all the way! ? A heart has a heart 07-30 12:54
2731 1 This smart car is going on and it has been falling. Wind light clouds 07-28 00:23
11174 1 announcementGuotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. About BOC International Securities Co., Ltd. Fund information 07-27 10:25
11632 0 announcementAbout CSI Jinniu (Beijing) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Sales Guotai Fund Flag Fund information 07-26 09:01
31269 0 announcementGuotai Fund Management Co., Ltd. holds shares of Shanghai Lai's shares held by its funds Fund information 07-21 08:38
3922 1 I bought a spicy chicken for a year, Zhou Weifeng, you still have a new fund. Long my heart 6 07-20 10:52
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