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Net valuation(17-11-10 15:00)

+0.0015+ 0.03%
Near January:-1.61%
Nearly 1 year:-

Net unit value (2017-11-10)

Near March:-1.38%
Nearly 3 years:-

Accumulated net value

Near June:-0.22%
To set up:-2.00%
Fund Type:Bond indexFund size: 0.51 billion yuan (2017-09-30)Fund manager:Ge crane army
Date of establishment2016-12-05Manager:Yinhua FundFund rating:
No rating yet
Tracking target:Shanghai 10-year bond index |Tracking error:-

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Minsheng Bank full trading capital supervision

trading status:Open subscriptionOpen redemption
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  • Estimated average deviation of net value:0.14%
    Net valuation: 9: 30-15: 00 each trading day real-time updates, according to the fund positions and the index trend estimates, the estimated data does not represent the true net, for reference purposes only.
    Estimated average deviation of net worth: the average of the deviation of net worth estimate from actual net worth in the past January.
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    Fund turnover rate is used to measure the frequency of changes in the fund's portfolio.

Yinhua Fund

Management scale: 189972000000Its funds: 140 only
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