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Net estimate(18-05-04 15:00)

Nearly January:0.33%
Nearly 1 year:3.44%

Net unit value (2018-05-04)

Nearly March:0.66%
In the past 3 years:--

Cumulative net value

Near June:2.32%
Established to:4.06%
Fund type:Fixed bond| Low to medium riskFund size: 0.28 billion yuan (2018-03-31)Fund Manager:Li WeiWait
Established:2017-01-25Manager:Southern FundFund rating:
No rating
Closed period: 12 months

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trading status:Suspension of purchaseSuspended redemption
It is expected that the purchase opening day:02-08~02-21
It is expected to open the purchase time:
February 07, 2019 15:00 ~ February 21 15:00
Expected open redemption time:
February 07, 2019 15:00 ~ February 21 15:00
The above time is for reference only, and the announcement of the fund company shall prevail.
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  • Estimated average deviation from the net value:0.05%
    Net value estimate: Real-time update from 9:30 to 15:00 on each trading day, estimated based on fund positions and index movements. Estimated data does not represent true net value. It is for reference only.
    The average deviation of the estimated net value: the average value of the degree of deviation between the net value estimate and actual net value in the month of January.
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Southern Fund

Management scale: 475.119 billionFunds: 249
CSI 500 Healthcare ETF

Daily gains1.58%

Southern Medical Insurance

Daily gains0.80%

Southern Crude Oil

Daily gains0.78%

Southern quality mix

Daily gains0.69%

South China State Power

Daily gains0.48%

South High Growth Mix (LOF)

Daily gains0.47%

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