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ICBC Government Debt Bonded Bond (LOF)(164822

Net value estimate(17-10-25 15:00)

+0.0036+ 0.02%
Nearly one month-1.15%
Nearly one year:-

Unit net value (2017-10-25)

Nearly three months:-0.99%
Nearly 3 years:-

Accumulated net worth

Nearly June:-2.00%
Set up to:-5.62%
Fund Type:Bond typeFund size: $ 100 million (2017-06-30)Fund manager:Jiang Mingbo
Date of incorporation: 2017-01-06Manager:ICBC Credit Suisse FundFund rating:
No ratings yet

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Minsheng Bank throughout the transaction funds supervision

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    Net Estimated Average Deviation: The average of the net worth estimate in January and the actual net deviation.
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ICBC Credit Suisse Fund

Management scale: 6079.60 billionFund: 158 only
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