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Net value estimate(18-09-28 15:00)

Near January:-7.36%
Nearly 1 year:-14.47%

Unit net value (2018-09-28)

Near March:-7.74%
Nearly 3 years:24.38%

Cumulative net value

Near June:-21.07%
Fund type:Hybrid| High riskFund size: 6.243 billion yuan (2018-06-30)Fund Manager:Dong LiWait
Established day:2008-04-30Manager:Xingquan FundFund rating:

The first batch of sales organizations of the CSRC

Minsheng Bank conducts supervision of trading funds throughout the process

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  • Net value estimate average deviation:0.22%
    Estimated net worth: Real-time updates are available from 9:30 to 15:00 on each trading day. Estimated according to fund positions and index trends, the estimated data does not represent the true net value and is for reference only.
    Net value estimate mean deviation: the average of the deviation between the net value estimate and the actual net value in the past month.
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    PKCurrent fund
  • Investment style in the second quarter of 2018
  • Reporting period Fund turnover rate
    The fund turnover rate is used to measure the frequency of changes in the fund's portfolio.
ClickReplytitleAuthorLatest update time
27978 100 In the past nine years, the week after the National Day has been rising, this year’s festival Cactus 53 10-05 11:10
2292 1 Many people are now worried that the hengsheng index will continue to weaken, will it affect? GM volume ut come back 10-04 21:01
1243 0 Opening is a good start, be careful. Everything has a fate 10-04 21:01
10666 27 The old scholar who passed through, I also said that you said it once. WLYLWS 10-03 22:16
716 0 Really the previous performance was completely defeated by both of you, and the data is really disappointing. The sun is very good today. 10-03 11:10
2499 0 Mom's 1.9 哎 2.6 bought egg hurts Shareholder mDjWjh 10-02 18:17
10014 9 After the National Day, the rising rate of the five trading days is 80% in the past ten years. yoOCHD 10-01 14:57
1348 0 The Mare Gobi rises less than others and falls more than others. Can you still do it? Kemin 6pkAth 09-30 20:20
4135 0 This is not like the fund of Xingquan? Why did you make it like this? Lamb bag 09-30 03:37
10268 0 announcementXingquan Fund Management Co., Ltd. Fund information 09-29 11:07
29710 85 This week, only 4 trading days will face the National Day holiday, which is difficult this week. Cactus 53 09-29 10:58
11322 0 announcementXingquan Fund Management Co., Ltd. adjusts the valuation price of securities held by its funds Fund information 09-29 10:48
5080 10 Innovation in emerging areas continues to heat up Himalayas 00 09-29 02:59
16611 58 Near midday, the market turned red again and then fell back. Long vacation is coming, many safe havens Cactus 53 09-28 23:40
4031 1 The garbage fund didn’t expect Lao Fu to go. Non-stop stockholders 09-28 22:17
2619 0 This dead base has no hope, and it will not rise back! Kemin re9cbE 09-28 19:28
2058 0 Real estate rumors have skyrocketed and fallen, and the relevant funds are at a loss! Nursing note 09-28 15:41
2343 0 Going up and down three times, overall, how to operate can not make, it is better to buy a bond base Kemin FVtX05 09-28 13:06
2194 0 Spicy chicken Kemin 7LlmFQ 09-28 11:41
2202 0 Rise back and forth, gradually decrease Kemin y0KPoZ 09-28 10:50
  • Fund heavy position
  • Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
  • Guangdong plate
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