Open-end fund net worth

attentionComparisonSerial numberFund codeFund abbreviation2018-11-152018-11-14Daily growth valueDaily growth ratePurchase statusRedemption statusHandling feeAvailable
Unit net valueCumulative net worthUnit net valueCumulative net worth
1005221TEDA Manulife Almighty Mix (FOFValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
2005222TEDA Manulife Almighty Mix (FOFValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
3005218Huaxia Juhui (FOF) AValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
4005216Southern All Weather Strategy (FOF)Valuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
5005156Harvest Pilot Asset Allocation Mix AValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
6005157Harvest Pilot Asset Configuration Mix CValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
7005220Haifutong Juyou Select Mix (FOValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
8005215Southern All Weather Strategy (FOF)Valuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
9005219Huaxia Juhui (FOF) CValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
10005217Jianxin Fuze Antai Mix (FOFValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
11005758Zhongrong Quantitative Selection (FOF) AValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
12005809Qianhai Kaiyuan Yuyuan (FOF)Valuation mapFund------------------openopen


13005976Long letter steady asset allocation (FOFValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
14006042Casting Morgan Shangrui Mix (FOF)Valuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
15006322Central Europe foresees pension 2035 (FValuation mapFund------------------opentime outbuy
16006289China Life Pension 2040 (FOFValuation mapFund------------------opentime outbuy
17006306TEDA Honglitai and Balanced Pension (FValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
18006291Southern Pension 2035 (FOFValuation mapFund------------------opentime outbuy
19005958Huaxia Jufeng Mix (FOF) CValuation mapFund------------------Closed periodClosed period


20006321Central Europe foresees pension 2035 (FValuation mapFund------------------opentime outbuy
twenty one006290Southern Pension 2035 (FOFValuation mapFund------------------opentime outbuy
twenty two006295ICBC Pension 2035 (FOFValuation mapFund------------------opentime outbuy
twenty three005759Zhongrong Quantitative Selection (FOF) CValuation mapFund------------------openopenbuy
twenty four005957China Jufeng Mix (FOF) AValuation mapFund------------------Closed periodClosed period


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