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The pension fund is accelerating. This week, we are welcoming a new batch of defenses.

November 08, 2018 05:47
Author: Lu Hui Jing
source: Securities Times
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Advancement of the fund for the pension fund has ushered in a new batch of defenses this week] The pension fund has emerged from policy launch to product launch, and there are many surprises in the method. Following the approval of the second batch of pension fund, the regulatory authorities recently organized a new round of pension fund defense. Industry insiders expect that the pace of the launch of the pension fund will be accelerated. (Securities Times)

From the launch of the policy to the advent of the product, the pension fund has many surprises in an orderly manner. Following the approval of the second batch of pension fund, the regulatory authorities recently organized a new round of pension fund defense. Industry insiders expect that the pace of the launch of the pension fund will be accelerated.

  Fund manager went to Beijing to reply

The reporter learned that many of yesterdayfund companyThe pension fund manager went to Beijing to reply. This round of defense will last for several days. The fund for the pension fund to participate in the defense is mainly based on the products reported after April 19; a few of the pension fund funds reported on April 11 also participated in the defense.

"The time for the defense was not long. I gave each fund company about one hour, and arranged several games in the afternoon and afternoon." A fund company who had participated in the defense briefed the reporter about the situation.

The reporter learned from many industry insiders that the issue of the pension fund's defense focused on the risk control setting of the pension fund, the investment strategy and the staffing of the company's pension fund. Another fund company who is about to participate in this week's pension fund defense report also revealed that the proposed fund managers attach great importance to this defense and are fully prepared for the questions that may be asked.

It is understood that from the review of the first batch of pension fund on April 24, the regulatory layer has successively organized a number of pension fund defenses. Most of the 16 pension fund funds that were first reported on April 11 but have not yet been approved have already gone through the defense process and are waiting for the final product approval. Some companies that reported a number of pension fund funds have participated in fewer than three responses.

“The promotion of the pension fund is a major concern of the industry. Now the industry has reserved pension fund with different risk levels and investment strategies. More companies also hope to get product approval before the relevant tax extension policy is put in place.” A pension The target fund manager said.

The fund application application publicity form shows that as of October 26, a total of 70 pension fund funds have been declared, of which 26 have been approved. At present, five pension fund funds such as TEDA Honglitai and pension fund have been established; Yinhua Zun and pension target date 2035, Wanjia stable old-age FOF, rich country Xinwang stable old-age pension and other four pension fund are being issued; Guangfa steady pension FOF will It will be available for sale starting November 12.

  Fund company fights

With the gradual completion of the system transformation of the bank's channel for the pension fund, the pension fund has entered the issue period. The companies are responsible for managing the FOF investment part of the pension fund. Some of the company's investors are also preparing the fund for defense and new.Fund issuanceRoad show.

“The roadshow of the head office of the key consignment bank has been completed, and the next step is to go to the brokerage channel roadshow.” An introductory manager who is issuing a pension fund, the current feedback on sales channels is focused on the closure of the fund and the beginning.Fixed investmentTime and rates and other issues. "After all, the initial expectations are not high, and the sales channels only raise some general issues."

In preparation for the pension fund, there is also the sales department of the fund company. “The stock market is now in a downturn, and the company has also issued the pension fund as a key battle. This time, it relies mainly on bank channels for agency sales, and it does not rule out mobilizing employees to participate in pensions. Target fund subscription," a fund company official said.

The fund company E-commerce Department is also actively preparing for the issuance of pension fund. "It is planned to be online on multiple Internet platforms, and combine the investment work to do the scene packaging, and strive to end the start before the end of the year, so that the fund manager will have a complete performance cycle next year, which is conducive to the continued marketing of products in the later stage." The head of the business department said.

"It is not difficult for large companies to ensure that the pension fund reaches 200 million yuan. The company's self-purchase, employee and management subscription, adding up to 100 million yuan should not be a problem," said the fund company.

(Article source: Securities Times)

                                (Editor: DF407)


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