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Public funds have more than 78.6 billion dividends this year.

November 08, 2018 08:37
source: 21st Century Business Herald
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[The public fund has a dividend of more than 78.6 billion shares in this year's dividends.] Although the A-share market has been adjusted sharply this year, the power of public fund dividends has remained strong. The total dividends during the year have exceeded the total of 72.5 billion yuan in 2017. Total dividends. A number of fund managers interviewed told reporters that considering the investment experience and return on investment for investors, the dividend plan will be considered in the future, but the specific dividends need to be carried out at the right time and market environment. (21st Century Business Herald)

“Many funds originally expected to implement the dividend plan in the second half of the year, and they can only cancel it because it is really too bad.”

Although the A-share market has undergone major adjustments this year, it has been raised publicly.Fund dividendThe momentum is still maintained, and the total dividends during the year have exceeded the total dividend of 72.5 billion yuan in 2017.

According to statistics, as of November 7, there were 1,134 public funds that have implemented dividends this year (shares, share the same), with a cumulative dividend of 1,904, and a total dividend of 78.659 billion yuan. Among them, bond type andHybrid fundIt is still the main force of dividends. The dividends are 34.76 billion yuan and 38.163 billion yuan, accounting for 44.19% and 48.52% of the total dividends.

From the point of view of the dividend share of a single fund, the active equity fund is the leader in the dividend fund. Among the 20 funds with the highest share of dividends during the year, flexible allocation funds and partial-share hybrid funds accounted for the vast majority. Among them, Xingquan Trend Investment is the largest fund to be handed out this year, with a total dividend of 3.681 billion yuan.

A number of fund managers interviewed told reporters that considering the investment experience and return on investment for investors, the dividend plan will be considered in the future, but the specific dividends need to be carried out at the right time and market environment.

  Xingquan trend investment "three consecutive championships"

As of November 7, Xingquan Trend Investment ranked first in the list of public fund dividends this year with a single dividend of 3.681 billion yuan. This is the third consecutive year that the fund has won the "dividend king". In 2016 and 2017, the dividend amount of Xingquan Trend Investment was 5.842 billion yuan and 2.862 billion yuan respectively.

Judging from the performance this year, Xingquan’s trend of investment performance is not outstanding. As of November 6, Xingquan Trend Investment's net value fell by 14.05% during the year, while the average decline of similar funds was 11.49%. However, Xingquan Trend Investment still distributed dividends at 0.1821 yuan/share on September 21 this year.

The Boss theme industry, which is closely followed, is also a well-known “big dividend” in the industry. On February 2 this year, the fund's dividend was 1.852 billion yuan, and the unit dividend was 0.1821 yuan / share.

In addition, Guolian's selection of dividends during the year was 3 times, with a cumulative dividend of 1.641 billion yuan; Yi Fangda actively increased its accumulated dividends 4 times, with a cumulative dividend of 1.638 billion yuan. The amount of dividends paid by the Eastern Red Ruihua Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen, Yinhua Exchange Currency A, and Southern Ingredients is also over 1 billion yuan.

If you look at the amount of dividends from the unit, Haifutong SSE can pledge the city investment bonds.ETFIn 2018, the cumulative dividend of 4.5 yuan / share ranked first, Yinhua trading currency A and Qianhai open source exclusive A ranked second and third respectively with 3.578 yuan / share and 3.264 yuan / share.

From the perspective of dividend frequency, there are only 24 funds with dividends greater than or equal to 5 times, and more than 60% of the funds have only one dividend since this year. Among them, the seven funds such as Harvest Super Short-term Debt accumulated up to 10 times of dividends during the year, with the highest frequency of dividends.

From the specific dividend date of the above-mentioned funds with a large amount of dividends, it is generally concentrated in the first quarter of this year. At that time, the market has not experienced a decline, so the fund has a good dividend environment and dividend power.

From the point of view of the 1904 dividends in the year, the number of dividends in the first half of the year was 1,207, accounting for 63.39% since the beginning of this year; the dividend amount was 55.585 billion, accounting for 70.67% of the annual dividend. It can be seen that in the first half of the year, both the number of dividends and the total amount of dividends occupied a great advantage, which is closely related to the market trend this year.

A public fund manager in Shanghai is quite sorry about this.

On November 6, the investment director said in an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald. "We are very sorry about the dividends. This year, I managed a fund that completed the first dividend in the middle of this year. When the second dividend was left for a week, the market suddenly turned down and began to plunge. It fell a few points a day. In two days, the money we had already prepared for dividends fell."

Another Guangzhou equity public fund manager also told reporters about the similar situation.

On November 7, the fund manager told reporters that "the market sentiment is definitely affecting the fund's dividends. This year's stock market needless to say, the bond market has been oscillating and adjusting, the overall fund's income is not good, and the dividend amount is falling. Many funds originally expected to implement the dividend plan in the second half of the year, and only canceled."

  PartialStock baseGold dividends rise enthusiasm

Among the many types of funds, closed-end funds are undoubtedly more advantageous in terms of dividends.

"We have done statistics, the return of our company's old closed-end fund investors is the best." On November 7, a general manager of public equity investment in Shenzhen told reporters, "First, its scale is stable, and second it. Without marketing pressure, the third point is also very important. It requires that the second year must be divided into 90% of the previous year's distributable profits. This is a counter-cyclical operation. For example, even in 15 years of business. When the board is big bull market, it also requires that it must be cashed in the current period. This situation is only a disadvantage in the unilateral bull market. For example, even if you choose to reinvest the dividend, the cost of the purchase redemption will run lower than the index, but the actual If you look at it, the risk-return and volatility indicators for such products are much better than those without dividends."

The above-mentioned people also said, "So we should consider taking a half-year dividend or a dividend of one year for non-closed products. If you earn a dime, divide 50%-70%. Because if the market is not good, give it Investors pay dividends, so investors will feel much better. We will certainly increase our attempts in this area in the future."

Judging from the dividends of public funds in the past two years, a clear trend is thatPartial stock fundThe enthusiasm for dividends is constantly improving.

Before 2017, the main fund dividends have beenBond fundBut with stricter regulations,fund companyIt is no longer realistic to rely on funds such as outsourcing and currency. The fund companies pay more attention to equity products. The continuous marketing of equity products has become the focus of the company. Dividend is one of the important ways to attract investors.

On November 7th, a senior public market person in Shenzhen told reporters, “We are going to see some companies in the industry who are keen on dividends, such as Xingquan, Dongfanghong, etc. They are all first-line companies in equity investment, except In addition to its long-term performance, the large scale of dividends is also a major feature. This has much to do with the closed-end funds of these companies, and it is also related to the company's philosophy. We think this is still worth learning. Of course, dividends are conditions, premise It is the product performance must be done well, there is a capital that can pay dividends."

(Article source: 21st Century Business Herald)

                                (Original title: Public funds have more than 78.6 billion dividends this year.

                                (Editor: DF384)


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