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The most cattle in history! 50 billion a month: the bottom-up funds madly poured into these ETFs (list)

November 08, 2018 12:13
Author: plum super
source: China Fund News
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[The most cattle in history! 50 billion a month: the bottom-up funds rushed into these ETFs (list)] The sharp fluctuations in the stock market in the past month have left many investors with a lingering fear, but in the downturn of the stock market, including insurance, securities, Huijin, social security and other funds However, the market has purchased a number of ETFs such as SSE 50, CSI 300, CSI 100, and GEM. The stock ETF has a net purchase scale of 48 billion to 490 in the past month (October 8 to November 7, 2018). Between the billions and the funds of various funds, the scale of the stock ETF has shown an accelerated upward trend. Since China had an ETF in 2004, the most profitable one month in history (the largest share of net purchases and the largest scale). (China Fund News)

The sharp fluctuations in the stock market in the past month have left many investors with a lingering fear. However, in the downturn of the stock market, funds including insurance, securities, Huijin, and social security have been reversed.SSE 50,Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, CSI 100, GEM, etc.ETFIn the past month (from October 8 to November 7, 2018), the net purchase scale of stock ETFs was between 48 billion and 49 billion. Under the funds of various funds, the scale of stock ETFs accelerated and climbed in 2004. Since China has an ETF, the history of the most cattle in a month (the net share of purchases and the largest scale).

It is worth noting that most of the current round of net purchase funds are concentrated in the five major ETF giants.fund company, Huaxia, Huatai Bairui, South, Yifangda andHuaan FundThe Big FiveNet inflowMore than 41 billion, of which Huaxia and Huatai Bairui inflows exceeded 10 billion in a single month, respectively, 13.4 billion and 10.2 billion.

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  Net purchase of 25 billion shares

  Corresponding to nearly 50 billion funds

The data shows that as of the close of November 7, the 142 equity ETFs in the whole market were 303.966 billion yuan, standing at a threshold of 300 billion yuan.

From the data point of view, with the increase in the volatility of A shares, the market broad base index showed a clear net inflow of funds, tracking the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, CSI 500, SSE 50,GEMIn the same market, there are obvious net purchases in the index funds. For example, the Huatai Bairui CSI 300 ETF has the largest growth in single-month growth with a growth of 9.8 billion yuan. The monthly growth rate is also about 35%, which has become a favorite of all types of funds. hot spot.

In addition, the South China Securities 500 ETF, China Securities SSE 50 ETF, E Fund GEM and other funds have also received a clear net purchase of funds, net purchases are more than 4 billion yuan.

In the case of intensified market volatility, the polarization of capital hedging and chasing is serious. The Cathay Pacific SSE 180 Financial ETF, which is low risk, and the Cathay CIC All-Share Securities ETF, which is chasing the hot brokerage sector, have become the capital chase. The hot theme, the growth of two ETFs is also quite a lot.

  Huaan GEM 50ETF counterattacks

Judging from the ranking of net purchases of fund shares in the past month, this year's GEM, which has undergone significant adjustment and flexibility, is favored by funds.

The data shows that Huaan GEM 50 ETF, E Fund GEM and GF ETF have all tracked the ETF share of the relevant index of the GEM, and all of them have received a net purchase of funds. The monthly net purchase share of Huaan GEM 50 ETF is as high as 6.27 billion. The total monthly share increased by more than 40%.

  Five major companies have more than 41 billionCash flowEnter

From the perspective of fund managers whose equity ETFs are growing rapidly,Huaxia FundIt is ranked first in the growth of 13.4 billion yuan in a single month, and is clearly ahead of other fund companies. The capital inflows of its SSE 50 ETF and CSI 300 ETF are among the top five in all ETFs.

  Huatai Bairui FundThen, with the growth of 10.2 billion yuan, the growth rate in a single month is more than 30%.

The South, Yifangda, Huaan Fund, etc. all rely on the scale of their core products to increase, ranking among the top five public fund companies in a single month.

Judging from the fund-raising situation of the fund, the newly added more than 48 billion yuan in a single month, the top five public fund managers alone amounted to more than 41 billion yuan, close to nearly 90% of the net subscription funds, which undoubtedly became the biggest benefit of this round of fund-hunting market. The ETF market has a clear leading effect of “strong and strong”.

  Securities, Huijin, insurance, brokers favor ETFs

From the holders of this type of fund, the funds of insurance, securities, Huijin, social security and other funds are frequently seen.

Take Huaxia SSE 50 ETF as an example. Among the top ten holders of the fund reported by this year's China Daily, Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. holds 6.746 billion shares, accounting for 49.53% of the total market share, which is the China SSE 50 ETF. The largest holder.

According to the data disclosed in the latest three quarterly reports, the share of institutional holders of China SSE 50 ETF remains unchanged at 6.746 billion, but due to the large growth rate of the fund's total share, the share of the organization's holders fell to 43.47%. .

From the holder of another half-year report of the Hang Seng ETF, the ETF leader of Hong Kong stocks, the insurance has become the main supporter of the Hang Seng ETF.

A large public fund company in Beijing said that the ETF share in the past month has increased significantly against the market. There are two main reasons: On the one hand, the current A-share valuation is declining, and the main indexes of the SSE 50, CSI 300 and CSI 500 markets The valuations have all entered the historical low level, showing a high investment cost performance, the long-term allocation demand of various investors has increased, and ETF investment efficiency is high, which has become one of the preferred tools for institutional investors' long-term layout.

On the other hand, the current A-share market has a large number of stocks. It is difficult for investors to choose stocks, and the risk of holding a single stock is relatively high. ETF and other index products are portfolio investments. Buying more than one stock in a basket can effectively diversify investment risks. Weaken the impact of the "black swan" incident on overall income.

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Institutional funds frequently appear in the top ten holders of ETFs

Fund codeFund abbreviationUnit net valueHandling feeoperating
460300Huatai Bairui CSI 300ETF connection A1.261.00% 0.10%buy Account opening
110026E Fund Access Co., Ltd. ETF Connection A1.421.20% 0.12%buy Account opening
160119Southern CSI 500ETF Connection A1.121.20% 0.12%buy Account opening
001051China SSE 50ETF Connection A0.861.20% 0.12%buy Account opening
Data Sources:Oriental Fortune ChoiceData, Galaxy Securities, deadline: 2018-11-07

(Article source: China Fund News)

                                (Original title: The most cattle in history! 50 billion a month: the bottom-up funds rushed into these ETFs (list))

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