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Still raccoon is looking forward to cattle? Please collect this 2019 asset allocation cheats.

January 11, 2019 08:24
source: Private placement network
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Still in the raccoon? The 2019 asset allocation cheats should be collected. At present, the "valuation bottom", "policy bottom" and "market bottom" are all in place, and the market is just around the corner. The current capital market is "raccoon hopes cattle" . In this regard, the Private Equity Research Center released the investment strategy report for the first quarter of 2019, and proposed pertinent suggestions for the allocation of different strategic funds. (private placement network)

At present, the “assessment bottom”, “policy bottom” and “market bottom” are all in place, and the market is just around the corner. At this stage, the capital market is “the bear”. People from all walks of life are in tragic, even Buffett has not escaped at the beginning of the year.appleThe plunge.

Someone mourned in 2018, but some people ran out of the index to make money. Some people joked that if you don't buy P2P in 2018, don't play coins, don't trade stocks, don't do anything, as long as you can open more than 90% of professional investors. This also shows that under the bull market, any investment in a variety can get a good return. In a bear market, people can be deeply aware of the importance of asset allocation and risk diversification.

Take 2018 as an example. If you are all in A shares, the big probability is that you are not negotiating. However, if your asset allocation includes stocks, bonds, and gold, it will greatly increase the probability of profit. The final profit depends on the proportion of funds between different varieties.

Recently, the Private Recruitment Network Research Center released the investment strategy report for the first quarter of 2019, targeting different strategies.fundThe configuration problem raises pertinent suggestions.

  Mo Daojun went early, the strategy configuration knew early.

  Equity Fund: Over-selected value-valued investment private equity fund

Looking forward to the first quarter of 2019, from the perspective of fund allocation, the Private Recruitment Network Research Center believes that the current market position and participation value are still relatively large, but it requires more patience and the overall opportunity is greater than the risk. After a sustained decline,SSE 50withShanghai and Shenzhen 300The valuation of the index once again entered the historical low range, and some strong stocks have refused to fall, and the resistance is obvious. After the market has stabilized, the stock price will quickly recover the lost ground. Although small and medium-sized enterprises have experienced a large decline, the violent thunder is still continuous, and the overall valuation is still high, and the long-term investment value is still small. For the above reasons, it is recommended to overweight a selected value-investment private equity fund.

  Fixed income fund: defensive-based, preferred variety

The current central economic work conference is clear and sound.currencyPolicies should be tight and appropriate, maintain ample liquidity, and improve the transmission mechanism of monetary policy. It is undeniable that the domestic economy still has greater resilience, and monetary policy still has room for operation such as RRR cuts. The high probability of the first quarter will continue the moderate rise of bonds in 2018, but the differentiation between bonds and varieties will continue to exist. The Private Recruitment Network Research Center recommends that the first quarter bond allocation strategy is still based on defensive, prefer high-grade short-term high-quality varieties, low-grade city investment, highPledgeRate companies such as credit bonds and other types of evasion.

  Management periodGoods baseKim: Actively deploying high-quality quantitative CTA private equity products

In 2018, the domestic commodity market was eye-catching in response to the poor performance of the A-share market. The Private Equity Research Center believes that the futures market in 2019 will still perform well. In 2019, the futures market is full of opportunities and challenges. The average income of private equity funds that manage futures strategies is expected to remain between 5% and 10%. But in the future, the futures market will become more and more complicated, and the profitability of subjective transactions will become more unstable. Only by quantifying CTA can we obtain stable and sustained returns. The Private Recruitment Network Research Center recommends that investors choose a quantitative CTA strategy private offering that matches their risk tolerance.

  Combination configuration: more solid than less overseas

In the first quarter of 2019, the private placement network research center expects that the style of the A-share market will maintain the status quo, and the oversold rebound may become the main tone. In the allocation of private equity investment strategies, the Private Equity Research Center recommends increasing the allocation of fixed-income funds and reducing the allocation of overseas funds.

  Equity fund: unicorn valuation correction, the science and technology board turned out, the equity nuggets are at the time

Since the second half of 2018, the number and amount of investment and financing events in the primary market have declined. Due to the unfavorable impact of the market environment, investors are more nervous about investment funds, or investment confidence tends to be cautious. However, in some new economic fields, the valuation bubble of high-quality leading projects has been squeezed to some extent, and on the basis of rationalization, The state's various support policies related to the listing and financing of the "unicorn" and the recent development of the Shanghai Science and Technology Board, the private placement network research center believes that the current investment opportunities for equity projects have begun to emerge, if investors can reverse Thinking about the bargain-hunting of high-quality projects, it is possible to obtain excess returns and share the long-term development dividend of China's new economy.

(Article source: Private placement network)

                                (Editor: DF384)


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