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China Merchants Securities: Top Ten Consensus Expectations of Market Analysts in 2019

January 11, 2019 08:26
source: Investment strategy research
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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Analysts generally believe that in 2019, the fundamentals of real estate are weakened, leading enterprises are more resistant to risks; infrastructure supplements are good for rail transit and UHV; 5G construction is about to open in the first year; and consumer goods have weakened e-commerce shocks. The advantage of strong customer viscosity; the pig breeding sector is expected to usher in an inflection point.

Summary:AnalystIt is generally believed that in 2019, the fundamentals of real estate will be weakened, and leading enterprises will have stronger anti-risk ability; infrastructure supplements will benefit rail transit and UHV; 5G construction will start soon in the first year; in consumer products, fresh and weak e-commerce shocks and customer stickiness Strong advantage; the pig breeding sector is expected to usher in an inflection point.

At present, many industry analysts have released the 2019 annual strategy report. Through a large number of reading and analysis of various industry perspectives, this paper summarizes the top ten consensus expectations of higher market acceptance in the industry:

1. The price of bulk commodities is weak,Precious metalGold plate configuration value is high

2. The fundamentals of real estate are weakened, and the layout is good.

3. Rail transit, UHV, etc. with countercyclical properties will benefit from the infrastructure subsidy policy

4. Manufacturing continues to differentiate, and high-tech manufacturing is on the rise.

5, 5G construction is about to open in the first year, becoming one of the most deterministic investment lines in 2019

6. The semiconductor market enters the down cycle and is not optimistic in the short term.

7. Policy marginal improvement drives game board valuation repair

8. The demand for passenger cars is slowing down, and the new energy vehicle industry chain is in the shift adjustment period.

9, the social zero consumption structure differentiation, the fresh field is quite recognized

10, 2019, the pig breeding cycle ushered in an inflection point

(Article source: Investment Strategy Research)

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