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Public fund's first-month results hit "turned over" 73 equity funds returned more than 10%

February 11, 2019 01:20
Author: Wang Mingshan
source: Securities daily
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[The public fund's first-month performance hit a "turned over" 73 73% equity fund return rate exceeded 10%] 2018 A-share market major stock index fell sharply, making equity funds suffered a double hit in performance and scale last year, numerous Investors and fund managers are hoping in 2019, I hope that this year's A-share market will have a clear rebound, and the equity funds that suffered a large loss last year can have a good return. (Securities Daily)

In 2018, the major stock indexes in the A-share market fell sharply, making equityfundSuffered last yearPerformanceAnd the scale of "double kill", many investors and fund managers are hoping in 2019, I hope that this year's A-share market can show a significant rebound, the equity fund that suffered a large loss last year can have a better return rate.

Before the Spring Festival holiday, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 4.99% this year.Shenzhen Stock ExchangeThe cumulative increase of 6.14%, ushered in a good start in 2019. In January of this year, the public fund also played a beautiful “turning over”: the average return rate of the equity fund in the month reached 4.08%, of which more than 1,000 funds had a return rate of more than 5%, and 73 more. The fund's return rate is above 10%.

Equity funds are welcoming the performance,The average return rate in January is 4.08%

Since the beginning of 2019, the main stock indexes in the A-share market have performed brilliantly, which is in sharp contrast with the long-term decline in 2018, and has a strong rebound. Specifically, in the whole year of 2018, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 24.59%, and the Shenzhen Component Index fell 34.42%.GEMThe cumulative decline of 28.65%; and this year, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 4.99%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 6.14%, and the GEM index also rose 1.66%.

"Securities Daily" reporter noted that as the main valuation of the A-share market rebounded, the performance of public fund products: during the January period, according to the A/B/C merger statistics, 2977 equity funds with complete data There are 2715 funds that have achieved positive returns this year, and only 262 have fallen in the net value of the fund units, accounting for less than 10%.

Overall, among the 2,977 equity funds, 1,832 funds returned more than 3% in January, accounting for 61.54%; 1071 funds returned more than 5% during the same period, accounting for 35.98. %; 259 funds returned more than 8% during the same period. What's more, 73 funds returned more than 10% in January this year. In the year of 2018, there were only 3 equity funds with a cumulative return of more than 10%.

After excluding products with abnormal net value fluctuations, the fund with the highest return on performance is Huaan Hongli Mix. The fund has achieved a total return of 14.5% during the period of January this year. The fund manager behind it has already managed the fund for 3 years. Long time Wang Chun. It is worth noting that another fund product with a top performance ranking, Huaan Zhisheng, is also managed by the fund manager alone. In January this year, the return on performance was also 14.06%.

In addition, among the funds with the highest ranking in January,Baoying FundThe three funds managed by the fund manager Xiao Xiao have a good performance: Baoying Xinrui Mix, Baoying Advantage Industry Mix and Baoying New Value Mix have a cumulative return rate of 13.73% and 13.63% in January this year. 13.17%.

Judging from the list of the above-mentioned three funds in the fourth quarter of last year, they are all based on the outstanding white horse stocks. The white horse stocks in January this year's share price performance is eye-catching: Guizhou Moutai rose 16.88%, Vanke A rose 16.5%, the end of the fourth quarter last year, the fund's number one heavyweight stock China Ping An also rose 12.26%.

The excellent fund manager looks forward to the market outlook,Consensus on the leading stocks in the quality industry

Xiao Xiao pointed out in the Fund's Four Seasons newspaper that although the foreign capital inflow has temporarily broken, the A-share market is still attractive to other emerging markets, and the trend of continuous inflow of medium- and long-term foreign capital will not change. Xiao Xiao said that the market style will be more and more biased towards high-quality sub-industry leaders with low or reasonable valuation and relying on endogenous growth. Next, we will continue to be optimistic about home appliances, food and beverage, real estate, insurance, custom home, coal, Investment opportunities in industries such as pig farming and cement.

The optimism of leading companies in the high-quality industry seems to be the consensus of the excellent fund managers.

Wang Chun believes that the slowdown in macroeconomic growth has become the consensus in the industry, and the slowdown in corporate earnings growth has been continuously verified, and multiple factors have jointly suppressed market valuation. However, he still believes that the current market is already in the bottom of the historical valuation. In the next stage, the funds it manages will continue to maintain high position operations, and further insight into industrial trends and competitive landscapes, actively adjust the position structure, find and firmly hold A quality company that can continue to win in the next round of industry competition.

  Boss FundHan Maohua, the star fund manager, said in the near future: "This year's configuration ideas will still select and configure the sectors and high-quality companies that meet the policy direction, consumption upgrades and technology upgrades, and select high-quality stocks that have rebounded and rebounded to obtain excess returns." He mentioned that the specific industryMeetingFocus on sub-sectors with good growth and small policy disturbances, including other industries with long-term growth potential such as environmental protection, consumption, and media.

Zhao Nan, a fund manager of Changsheng's emerging growth mix, also said in his fund's Four Seasons report that the stock market in the first quarter of this year may have a chance to rebound in the adjustment period, but there are still large uncertainties in the domestic economy and overseas markets. Controlling risk is an important prerequisite. In terms of stock positions, we insist on flexible operation, and the investment direction is mainly based on high-quality oversold companies.

Long letter domestic demand growth mixed A in January this year, the cumulative rate of return is as high as 11.72%, the fund's fund manager An Zhen believes that the rise and fall of a round of economic cycle is like a four-year change in the year, all industries in which are fleeing Without this objective law, there is only a difference between the magnitude of influence and the order of precedence. In this context, companies that truly focus on their main business and forge core capabilities will gain greater market share in the next round of upside.

"What we have to do is not to predict when the economy will reverse, but to be more diligent in identifying good capabilities," An Zhen said.

(Article source: Securities Daily)

                                (Editor: DF392)


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