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The sun will eventually shine on the strugglers.

February 11, 2019 06:55
Author: Kim Ping-Ping Chen Yue Zhao ultra Zhu Wenbin
source: Shanghai Securities News
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Sunshine will shine on the struggle. The public funder's message to the Golden Year of the Pig] At the beginning of the Golden Year of the Pig, the Shanghai Securities News invited more than ten heads of public funds to send a message to the New Year. As heads of public offerings, they are entering the next 20 years with more active innovation and entrepreneurship. They believe that time will eventually measure value, and the sun will shine on the strugglers. (Shanghai Securities News)

The old-aged update is not in the past, and it is lightly loaded and sailed again.

A year of commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the industryfundWelcome a new starting point.

Standing at the beginning of the Golden Pig Year, Shanghai Securities News invited more than ten heads of public funds to send a message to the New Year. As heads of public offerings, they are entering the next 20 years with more active innovation and entrepreneurship. They believe that time will eventually measure value, and the sun will shine on the strugglers.

At present, the demand for wealth management is more diversified and personalized, and the exchanges and interactions between fund industry and investors are undergoing profound changes. The development of next-generation technologies such as big data and cloud computing will bring revolutionary impact to the fund industry. .

Entering the Golden Pig Year, personal tax deferred commercial pensionInsuranceThe pilot of investment in public funds is expected to land. Improve China's multi-level pension system, provide good pension investment, or become the biggest outlet for the fund industry's innovation and development.

Starlight does not care for the passers-by, time pays off. In the eyes of the heads of public funds, the development potential of China's asset management market is huge. As long as we insist on “catch-up” on the right track, do long-term correct things, and carefully lay the foundation, the industry will open a new chapter of healthy development. .

In 2019, let us be a rational optimist, and look forward to the spring and rain, and thrive.

  E FundPresidentLiu Xiaoyan

China's fund industry has entered the 21st development year, looking forward to the future from a new starting point, and industry development opportunities and challenges coexist.

At the macroeconomic level, as China's economy enters a transformation and upgrade, the expected return rate of assets gradually returns to rationality, but at the same time, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the vigorous development of emerging industries have also brought a lot of investment opportunities.

At the market level, the current public demand for wealth management is more diversified and personalized. At the same time, the extensive use of various new technologies and new media such as social software has also profoundly changed the way the fund industry and investors interact and interact.

At the technical level, the development of next-generation technologies with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence as the core will also have a transformative impact on the fund industry.

Facing the future development trend of the industry and the wave of technological revolution, E Fund will always maintain an open mind. On the basis of adhering to the origin of the industry, we will be brave in innovation and innovation, and work with financial peers and partners to effectively serve the fund industry. The responsibility and mission of the real economy, the people's livelihood and reform and development.

  Boss FundGeneral managerJiang Xiangyang

With the full release of the reform and opening up dividend, China's asset management industry will welcome a brighter future. In this process, the public fundraising industry attaches great importance to the construction of fundamental research and development capabilities, and has formed an investment culture with in-depth study of fundamentals and adherence to value as the core, as well as a corresponding set of management mechanisms, organizational methods and talent reserves, which constitute the industry. Core competitiveness. Value investment, long-term investment, and responsible investment have become the mainstream investment concepts in the industry.

With the gradual improvement of the market ecology, the gradual maturity of the participants, and the increasing availability of tools, the future development of the public offering industry will transition from a high-speed stage to a high-quality stage, and gradually move toward the world-class asset management industry. The Bosera Fund will also work side by side with the industry, adhere to the concept of investment value discoverers, rely on long-term accumulated active management capabilities and risk management experience, base on the capital market, serve the real economy, and continuously improve the efficiency and efficiency of financial resource allocation. Create consistently excellent returns for the holder.

  Huaxia FundGeneral managerLi Yimei

Time flies, the order is updated. In the 20th anniversary of the industry's 20th anniversary, the public fund has ushered in a new starting point. Looking to the future, we must grasp the opportunities and challenges of the era of big capital management, and enter the next 20 years with more positive innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the new year, the pilot of the personal tax deferred commercial pension insurance investment public fund is expected to land. Improve China's multi-level pension system, provide good pension investment, or become the biggest outlet for the fund industry's innovation and development. Pension investment is not onlyfund companyThe long-term development strategy focus is also the social responsibility of the fund industry in the care of the elderly.

In the new year, the capital market will further enhance the level of opening up and the fund industry will be more international. Strong alliance with internationally renowned asset management institutions is a major feature of China Assets. We will give full play to the leading position of Huaxia Fund in local investment research, and combine the advanced asset allocation concepts and experience of overseas institutions to further enhance the investment research strength and provide investors with better products and services.

The fund industry has begun its next 20 years. Value this old and welcome the new beautyHershey'sEngraved, I wish everyone can be treated with time and gentleness.

  Harvest FundGeneral managerThunder

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is updated.

The new year is still full of opportunities and challenges. As a professional asset management organization, we must fully utilize our active management capabilities to unlock and respond to objective and complex worlds with professional knowledge, theoretical foundations and capabilities, and continuously meet customer needs and explore sustainable development. The path of development.

In the 20 years since the establishment of Harvest Fund, the simplest and strongest cornerstone is to always adhere to the initial intention of “creating returns for investors”. On top of this cornerstone, Harvest Fund has developed two core pillars, active management and in-depth research. "Active management" not only needs to rely on excellent investment talents, but its long-term trend has gradually changed from human to logic. The driving force behind this trend is first of all the shift in customer demand and Harvest’s own investment in sustainable excellence.PerformanceThe pursuit. The impact of financial technology and the migration of global data will empower "active management."

In terms of in-depth research, Harvest emphasizes “research-driven investment”. When faced with a non-effective market, the overall in-depth study needs to be further extended. Only by making the research work solid, can we have the confidence to make strategies and judgments, and then get a steady return from the market.

  Southern fundPresidentYang Xiaosong

In the past year, the changes in China's capital market have been overwhelming: both the central government's warm-up of reform and opening up, and the weak downturn of A-shares; both the vigor of the digitalization of the real economy and the tempering of industrial restructuring.

In the face of numerous challenges, the Southern Fund has been facing difficulties in 2018, and has successively issued Southern Ruihe, Southern Pension 2035, Southern Strategic Placement, and low-level promotion of Southern China Securities 500.ETFSuch as strategic products, because we believe that time will measure value; in the face of the future, we have a bright sunshine.

The new era is the era of the strugglers. In 2019, we will continue to explore, be brave in competition, and strive to be the sailors of the “Great Navigation Age”.

  GF FundGeneral managerLin Chuanhui

With the rapid development of China's economy in the past 40 years, the wealth of residents has accumulated a lot. At the same time, people are investingFinancial managementThe beautiful needs also show new features. Residents have more diversified configuration needs, and hope to obtain a one-stop financial solution to achieve the preservation and appreciation of assets in many scenarios such as pension and medical care.

As the population ages, the increase in residents' pension needs will bring great development opportunities to the public fund industry. GF Fund has taken the pension business as its key development strategy, and improved the asset management capabilities of multi-asset investment by establishing and improving the asset allocation investment research system and conducting stable income strategy research. It is hoped that the endowment target fund products will serve as carriers and strive for different lives. Investors with periodic, different risk preferences provide a one-stop pension solution.

  Huitianfu FundGeneral managerZhang Hui

In 2019, the fund industry has another extraordinary year of 20 years. Standing at a new starting point, the industry is embracing new opportunities and challenges with a more rational and mature attitude.

At present, the macro economy is in the critical period of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. The three major drivers of reform, innovation and consumption upgrading will become the new source of economic growth in China. The assets that are in line with the driving forces of economic transformation are the long-term investment lines with certainty. On the other hand, the wealth of residents is growing, the multi-level system of pension investment is gradually expanding, and the demand for cross-border investment is steadily increasing. These three factors will also provide sufficient momentum for the long-term development of the fund industry. At the same time, big data and labor New technologies such as intelligence are in the ascendant, and they are also profoundly transforming the operating mode of the industry.

In the new era, Huitianfu Fund will adhere to the "customer first" value, pay attention to the long-term tempering of core investment research capabilities, and build a vertically integrated investment research system and a strong combative investment research team to provide investors with Stable growth in higher long-term investment income.

  Rich country fundGeneral managerChen Ge

In the past year, the A-share market has struggled through the winter, and credit defaults in the bond market have been frequent. This year, we are on the ice and we are moving forward. In such an environment, we sincerely thank you for your continued commitment!

This year, the sharp adjustment of the market constantly reminded us to reflect on ourselves and strengthen our risk control, urging us to continuously evolve and improve our investment philosophy and risk control measures. In this year, the concentration of the fund industry continued to increase, and the head company effect became more and more significant. We continued to strengthen our investment management, business layout, and customer service. We firmly believe that when the pendulum of the market goes through the turning point of pessimistic expectations, every effort will receive a fair return, and investors will have a better experience.

Despite the change of time, there is a resilience, but the trend of seeing the performance, against the trend of the bones. In 2019, we will continue to intensively invest in three areas of equity investment, fixed income investment and quantitative investment, and strive to provide you with better asset management services.

In the new year, let us be a rational optimist, and look forward to the spring and rain, and thrive.

  Jianxin FundPresidentZhang Junhong

After the reunification, Vientiane is updated.

Looking forward to the new year, the domestic economy will be in a critical period of transition between old and new kinetic energy, with pressure and opportunity coexisting. The reform of the financial system has continued to deepen, and the favorable policies have gradually landed, guiding the long-term healthy and stable development of the capital market. Under the new pattern, the asset management industry can only become the mainstay of the capital market and become the mainstay of the capital market by only clearing the source and returning to the original heart, improving the core competitiveness of investment research, grasping the trend of financial technology, and accelerating the opening up. The mission of wealth enhancement.

As a leading large-scale fund company in the industry, CCB will maintain the initial focus of “good building wealth”, grasp the wave of financial technology and the historical opportunities of pension fund, enhance its comprehensive asset management capabilities, and continue to create sustainable and stable investors. The return on investment provides high-quality and convenient financial services, and realizes the long-cherished wish to grow up with investors.

General Manager of Agricultural Bank of ChinaXu Jinchao

The past 2018 is an extraordinary year. How to preserve and increase the value of investors' wealth in this environment is a test for each asset manager.

2018,Agricultural Bank of ChinaJust gone through ten years. In the past ten years, we have grown up, experienced difficulties, and gained. In 2019, the Agricultural Bank of China will be confident to open a second decade.

In the future, under the increasingly diversified development of the asset management industry, we will actively enhance our investment research capabilities and strive to provide investors with simple and worry-free investment tools and one-stop asset allocation solutions. We will not forget our original intentions and create value for investors with professional ability.

  Yinhua FundGeneral managerWang Lixin

The competition in the asset management industry has returned to professional asset management capabilities and product service capabilities. Investors need professional wealth management services, and professional asset management organizations need richer and more efficient configuration tools.

In the future, the asset management industry will be largely replaced by artificial intelligence, and it is necessary to attach great importance to the use of big data and AI technologies in the asset management industry. Intelligentization will have two major impacts on the future of the fund industry: from the current perspective, smart investment can significantly improve investor returns and financial management experience; looking to the future, artificial intelligence to transform traditional investment research systems and methods will be partially or completely Alternative fund managers, and the trend is clear.

Do the right thing for the long-term right thing. Smart investment may be an important aspect for fund companies to catch up with each other in the future, and smart investment is more likely to change the future ecology of fund companies than smart investment. If a company leads the market in the research and collection of information, the performance may be systematically improved.

  Central European FundGeneral managerLiu Jianping

In the past year, the public fund industry has celebrated its 20th anniversary, and it has made great achievements. In this year, the China-Europe fund investment research system was further upgraded, and the equity and fixed-income businesses went hand in hand. The 5-year equity investment active management capability ranked first in the industry, and the solid-selling strength was also in the leading position in the industry.

The new reason is pushed, and the life is not stagnant. In the new year, the China-Europe Fund will assume more social responsibilities, give back to the society with outstanding performance and first-class service, help thousands of people to harvest a good life in long-term investment and investment in pensions; create a multi-strategy investment boutique ", become a globally competitive asset management boutique provider.

  Financial fundGeneral managerZhang Fan

Dedicating good income to the holder is our unswerving pursuit.

It is foreseeable that emerging technologies such as AI and big data will bring revolutionary changes to public funds. Advances in technology will improve our investment methods, product design and customer service, which will help us further improve our investment performance and better meet the individual needs of investors.

The future has come, we are using the "financial technology + quantification" means to use data analysis and models to create wisdomFixed investmentPlatform to solve the pain points of long-term investment of customers.

Starlight does not care for the passers-by, the end of the winter is Yangchun. In the new year, we will continue to do the right thing, and strive to be unconventional, steady and not radical.

(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

                                (Editor: DF392)


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