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Stock market rebounds, funds increase Internet sales

March 14, 2019 05:01
Author: Jingbo
source: Securities Times
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Stock market rebounds, funds to increase Internet sales] Recently, the stock market continued to pick up, fund companies also took the opportunity to increase Internet channel publicity, to expand the size of its funds. (Securities Times)

The stock market has continued to pick up recently.fund companyAlso take advantage of the trend to increase Internet channel publicity, to expandfundscale. 【Buy fund subscription rate is 1 fold, click here to open an account immediately >>>

The data shows that as of March 13, 99 funds have been established this year, with a total scale of 118.8 billion yuan. The largest-scale China Life Insurance 1-3 years of treasury bonds reached 11.5 billion yuan; the highest-scale equity fund is Southern Zhicheng, with a scale of 3.8 billion yuan.

The reporter found that more than one billion have been established in the near future.Bond fundThe number of subscribers is high. For example, China Merchants Tianying Pure Bonds received 9542 subscriptions, raising a total of 1.7 billion yuan, an average of 178,000 yuan per household; Huitianfu AAA credit pureDebt baseThe scale of gold raising was 1.654 billion yuan, and 7800 households were subscribed, with an average of 130,000 yuan per household.

A sales person of a fund company in Shenzhen said that the client group of the high-level credit bonds of the fund company was mainly institutional customers. Relatively speaking, institutional customers are more stable, and they are not prone to random large-scale redemption. They are stable funds that investment institutions like. Channel customers, especially those from the Internet, are less loyal. Its characteristics are easily attracted by pure high-yield publicity and other forms of advertising, thus redeeming the funds held and buyingNew basegold. Bond typeFund salesPreviously, there was not much focus on the retail side.

South China Fund CompanyExecutiveSaid that with the residentsFinancial managementWith the gradual improvement of consciousness, residents' understanding of fixed-income varieties has deepened, especially the concept of asset allocation has been recognized by more and more people. This year, some short-term and high-grade credit bonds performed well on the channel side, which attracted the attention of many fund companies.

“The company has found that the above changes in channel retail customers this year are preparing to increase the promotion of Internet sales. In the future, bond fund sales companies are expected to expand from institutional-based to channels and institutions.” A sales director of a Beijing fund company said that it has recently The fund is docking related sales and is preparing to use the company's star bond fund as the main product.

The channel sales of active equity funds were equally gratifying, and the stock equity funds also increased the intensity of Internet marketing. A large public fund manager in Shenzhen said that he hopes to promote the company's unique stock picking advantage to retail customers through Internet channels, and attract customers to build brand loyalty. Of course, can the end customer stay or not?PerformanceI have the final say.

A vice president of a fund company in Shenzhen said that the company's funds with a yield of more than 30% this year have a good sales performance, with the highest stock purchase of more than 500 million yuan. The combination of good performance and Internet channel publicity has enabled the product scale to grow rapidly in a short period of time. Later, the company will continue to increase publicity.

(Article source: Securities Times)

                                (Editor: DF407)


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