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Social security funds piled up in the "into the capital" GEM stocks

May 15, 2019 05:00
source: Daily economic news
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Social security funds have piled up in the "Money-in" GEM stocks] As the representative of the "national team", the trend of social security funds and pension funds has received great attention from the market. "Daily Economic News" reporters incomplete statistics show that in the list of MSCI's GEM stocks, four social security funds "get together" to settle in Mindray Medical, in addition to social security funds, pension funds also joined the Songcheng performing arts.

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At 5 am on May 14th, Beijing time, MSCI announced the results of the semi-annual stock index review and the list of newly added and eliminated A-shares in the first stage of A-share expansion. Of the Chinese A-shares that were included in MSCI, 18 were from the GEM.

As a representative of the "national team",Social securityfundAnd the trend of pension funds has received great attention from the market. "Daily Economic News" reporters incomplete statistics show that in the list of MSCI's GEM stocks, 4 social security funds "get together"Mindray MedicalIn addition, social security funds and pension funds are also jointly blessingSongcheng Performing Arts.

  Social security fund "get together"Mindray Medical

On the evening of April 28,Mindray MedicalDisclose a quarterly report, the company achieved in the first quarter of 2019Operating income3.906 billion yuan, an increase of 20.69% year-on-year; realized attributable to listed companiesshareholderofNet profit10.06 billion yuan, an increase of 24.59% year-on-year; net cash flow from operating activities was 467 million yuan. It is worth noting that there are 4 social security funds among the top 10 tradable shareholders of the company, one of which is new in the first quarter, and the other three social security funds have different levels of increase. Meanwhile,Northbound fundsIt also entered the top ten tradable shareholders for the first time, ranking second in the number of shares held.

Specifically, the National Social Security Fund’s 1-5 combination is newly held at the end of the period.Mindray Medical1.68 million shares, and another 3 social security fundsMindray MedicalDifferent levels of holdings were carried out. Among them, the National Social Security Fund 102 held a total of 6,709,700 shares at the end of the period, an increase of 23.39 million shares compared with the previous period; the National Social Security Fund held a total of 1,582,200 shares at the end of the year, which was 22 times higher than the previous period. Ten thousand shares; the National Social Security Fund held 1,141,700 shares at the end of the year, which was 65,000 shares more than the previous period.

apart fromMindray MedicalBeyond,Ningde eraAccording to the data disclosed in the quarterly report, the National Social Security Fund's 414 combination newly held 2,946,700 shares.Ningde eraThe disclosed annual report shows that the company's power battery realized operating income of 24.52 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 47.2% year-on-year, accounting for 83.3% of operating income.interest rate34.1%; At the same time, the company's energy storage system business is growing at a high speed and is expected to become a new development driver for the company.

In addition,Lepu MedicalAt the end of the first quarter, the social security fund was also increased. The National Social Security Fund's 104 combination held 60,528,900 shares, an increase of 4.846 million shares from the previous period.

  Songcheng Performing ArtsGet "double blessing"

It is worth noting thatSongcheng Performing ArtsObtained the “double blessing” of social security funds and pension funds. Data shows that basic pensionInsuranceFund 802 combination increaseSongcheng Performing ArtsAt the end of the period, it held 28.194 million shares, an increase of 6.328 million shares compared with the previous period; the National Social Security Fund held at the end of the portfolioSongcheng Performing Arts4,681.13 million shares, an increase of 4.8 million shares compared with the previous period. However, the National Social Security Fund also reduced its holdings during the 503 combination period.Songcheng Performing Arts4.499 million shares, holding 12 million shares at the end of the period.

For the 18 GEM stocks, another representative of the “national team” – Central Huijin and Zhengjin – has little change in positions, only Central Huijin Asset Management Co., Ltd. HoldingLansi Technology86.83 million shares. Central Huijin Asset Management Co., Ltd. holdsOriental wealth8104.67 million shares unchanged, holdingStraight flush1611 million shares unchanged; China Securities Finance Co., Ltd.Straight flush588.75 million shares remain unchanged.

In addition, it appears among the top ten shareholders of these 18 GEM stocks.InsuranceThere are not many funds, including Taikang Life Insurance.Insurance-Dividend- Personal dividends - 019l-fh002 deep new holdingsNets Technology13.76 million shares; Cathay Life InsuranceInsuranceCo., Ltd.Lansi TechnologyIncreased holdings of 1.5 million shares.

Beijing Xingshi Investment said that it is estimated that by November of this year, MSCI will increase the factor of GEM stocks to 20%, which will bring about RMB 26 billion in incremental funds for the GEM, including this expansion in May. The incremental funds coming are also close to 9 billion yuan. For the GEM market as a whole, the impact of such a scale of funds is relatively limited, but it is very substantial for the stocks that are included in MSCI. It is expected that the impact of this expansion on the inclusion of individual stocks will be much greater than the impact on the GEM market.

In addition, foreign ownership has obvious industry preferences, such as consumption, finance, and medicine. In May and June, MSCI and Russell Index successively expanded the proportion of A-shares, and the foreign capital inflows were more certain. In the short-term, it will bring more obvious boosting effect to these specific sectors and individual stocks, which is conducive to the bottom of the market. Form a support.

List of social holding warehouses >>>

  The social security fund increased its holdings by more than 100 shares in the first quarter, favoring these three major industries (with list)

  New trends in the first quarter of the five major institutions. The social security fund has 291 new companies.

  The Social Security Fund has 291 new companies in the first quarter and has held 275 stocks for five consecutive quarters.

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

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