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In the past month, 93 MSCI constituent stocks have been investigated by the agency. Suning Tesco has been investigated 9 times.

May 15, 2019 06:01
Author: Liang Qian Gang
source: Securities Times
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[In the past month, 93 MSCI constituent stocks have been investigated by institutions] Statistics show that in the past month, 93 MSCI constituent stocks have been investigated by institutions. Suning Tesco has received the most research, reaching 9 times, including 6 overseas institutions. Judging from the participation of overseas institutions in research, Hikvision is most favored by overseas institutions. Statistics show that in the past month, Hikvision has welcomed 85 overseas institutions to investigate. (Securities Times)

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MSCI released the results of the May semi-annual index review and announced the list of newly included and excluded stocks. The MSCI constituents were expanded to 437.Morgan StanleyIt is estimated that the foreign capital inflow of A shares will reach 70 billion to 125 billion US dollars in 2019. However, the recent trading of A shares continued to be sluggish, and the performance of MSCI constituent stocks was not satisfactory.

On the disk, the Shanghai stock index fell below 2900 points yesterday, and the industry sector sector rose more and more. In terms of capital flow, the funds in the north did not change. The net outflow was 10.9 billion yuan yesterday. The net outflow of this month has reached 28.309 billion yuan.

In the context of market volatility adjustment, where is the focus of the organization? Securities Times·Data Bao statistics show that in the past month, 93 MSCI constituent stocks have been investigated by institutions.Suning Online MarketThe number of surveys was the highest, reaching 9 times, including 6 overseas institutions.

At the same time, many brokerage agencies gaveSuning Online MarketBuy-in rating. Such asShen WanhongyuanSecurities said in a recent research report.Suning Online MarketThe smart retail strategy enters the dividend release period, realizes online traffic aggregation and category expansion, builds competitive advantages in differentiated consumer scenarios offline, deepens retail cloud capabilities, accelerates sinking low-line cities and township markets, and improves logistics and financial services. Closed loop, overall profitability improved.

  Goldwind Technology,Weichai PowerThey have been surveyed 7 times and 5 times by the institutions respectively.Tianqi Lithium Industry,Wen's shares,AVICWait.

From the perspective of overseas institutions participating in the survey,HikvisionMost favored by overseas institutions. Data treasure statistics show that in the past month,HikvisionA total of 85 overseas institutions were surveyed.

  Focus Media,Mindray Medical26 and 22 overseas institutions were surveyed. Companies with a large number of overseas institutions participating in the survey also haveHuichuan Technology,Lixun Precision,AVIC,Halo New Network,GuangliandaWait.

  5 shares won QFII positions

  The market value exceeds 1 billion yuan

As an important reference for foreign-owned A-shares, QFII's shareholding has always been a concern. According to the position of the first quarter, among the above-mentioned 93 MSCI constituents surveyed by the institutions, 27 shares obtained QFII positions and the market value of positions was more than 100 million yuan. The highest market value of QFII positions isBank of NingboAt the end of the first quarter, QFII held the stock market value of 15.249 billion yuan, accounting for 15.5% of the company's outstanding shares.

  HikvisionThe market value of QFII positions was 2.349 billion yuan, accounting for less than 1% of the outstanding shares.Venus StarThe market value of QFII positions was 1.791 billion yuan, accounting for 9.74% of the outstanding shares.Haida Group,Ningde eraThe market value of QFII positions is more than 1 billion yuan, and the market value of QFII positions is higher.East China Medicine,Bishui source,Goer shares,China Resources Sanjiu,HainengdaWait.

  11 shares nearly one month stock price

  Against the market

From the performance of the secondary market, the above-mentioned 93 stocks have fallen by an average of 10.3% since April 15, and slightly outperformed the Shanghai index in the same period. Eleven stocks showed resistance, and the stock price rose against the market in the past month.

The best performance isCollarThe stock has risen 15.72% since April 15. As one of the hottest OLED concept stocks,CollarRecently active again, the volume has remained at a high level. It is worth noting that some of the shares of the company held by Mr. Wang Nandong, a shareholder of the company with more than 5% of the shares, have been waiting to be frozen.

  Mindray Medical,Dabei Nong,Jianfan BioThe cumulative increase since April 15 is also above 10%. Nearly 90% of the stocks fell during the period, and 7 of them fell more than 20%, respectively.Enlighten Sander,Changan Automobile,Zhongtai Chemical,Suning Online Market,Shanshan,Zhao Yi Innovation,Valin Steel.

From the performance data, some stocks performed well. The data shows that the net profit of the nine stocks in the first quarter has doubled. The biggest increase in net profit isLiaoning ChengdaIn the first quarter of this year, the company achieved a profit of 616 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 320.59%.Taihe GroupIn the first quarter, the company achieved a profit of 972 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 308.95%.Jerry sharesIn the first quarter, it achieved a profit of 110 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 224.56%. The increase in net profit is also large.Shanxi Securities,China Resources Sanjiu,Enjie shares,Ningde era,GCL integration,Xugong MachineryWait.


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(Article source: Securities Times)

                                (Editor: DF380)


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