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Average results lead the equity fund QDII fund performance is strong?

May 15, 2019 08:19
source: International financial newspaper
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Average results leading equity funds QDII fund performance is strong? 】 From the performance this year, some of the main investment in crude oil QDII funds accounted for the forefront of the performance list. In the second quarter of the external market volatility, the performance of QDII funds is not as good as the first quarter, at the same time, affected by long and short factors, the crude oil market has recently increased volatility. (International Finance News)

Recently, the volatility of overseas commodity prices has intensified, coupled with the uncertainty of various parties, the global market has fallen into an adjustment period. at the same time,QDII(Qualified domestic institutional investors) once again ushered in fresh blood, the total amount increased from 103.23 billion US dollars to 103.983 billion US dollars, and the newly added 750 million US dollars came from public offerings.

Since the beginning of this yearPerformanceIn fact, some of the main investment in crude oil QDIIfundOccupy the forefront of the performance list. In the second quarter of the external market volatility, the performance of QDII funds is not as good as the first quarter, at the same time, affected by long and short factors, the crude oil market has recently increased volatility.

  Crude oil QDII led the rise

Since the second quarter, the overall performance of QDII funds has declined compared to other equity products, but it is still strong. Data show that as of May 13, QDII Fund's average net increase in the second quarter was -0.39%. Among them, QDII funds with a positive increase accounted for 50% of the total, and the stock type andHybrid fundThe average net increase was -5.98% and -3.54%, respectively.

The problem of QDII fund performance differentiation still exists. Judging from the QDII fund varieties, the QDII funds of the main investment in India and the gold market are still negative during the year, and the QDII fund yields of the main investment crude oil market are generally ahead of other varieties. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 11 QDII funds with a net increase of more than 20%. Among them, 5 are crude oil QDII funds, and E Fund A is the first with 28.69%.

However, from the market situation last year, the crude oil market is the biggest ups and downs. Before the fourth quarter of last year, crude oil investment was mostly in the long market; after the fourth quarter of last year, the international crude oil supply and demand relationship reversed, and concerns about excess supply of crude oil intensified, leading to internationalOil priceQuickly enter the down channel.

It is worth noting that after February of this year, the gold market, which was originally weak, regained market attention. With the sharp decline of US stocks, the risk aversion of global financial markets warmed up. On May 14, spot gold prices were also boosted. As of 19:30 on the day, the highest intraday price rose to $1303.4 per ounce.

"QDIINet value of fundThe fallback is closely related to the market environment, and the asset allocation capability will also directly affect the fund's net value. Guo Shiliang, an independent financial commentator, said in an interview with the International Finance News that "the sharp fall in US stocks will inevitably accelerate the reshuffle of QDII funds." In the future, QDII funds will face more market tests, and asset allocation capabilities are more worthy of attention. This is also the core of future QDII fund competition. ”

  The new quota is from public offerings.

Compared with last year's sluggish performance, the performance of QDII funds has improved significantly this year. Although the total scale is not in the upward trend, the re-approval of the new quota has also brought new capital increments.

The QDII quota approval list issued by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on April 30 shows that a total of 152 financial institutions have QDII qualifications, and the total amount of approval is 103.983 billion US dollars. After a lapse of 7 months, the QDII approval quota increased by 750 million US dollars, all of which were from public funds, belonging to the South, China, E Fund, Cathay,Huaan Fund5 products. This means that the door to the QDII fund will be reopened this year.

QDII approved total amount, securities category (includingBrokerAnd public offerings)bankclass,InsuranceClass and trust institutions, with a quota of $46.88 billion.

From the perspective of QDII fund selection,Guojin SecuritiesIt is believed that in combination with the reversal of supply and demand in the energy market and the large probability that the oil price will increase in the future, it is recommended that investors temporarily evade energy investment and avoid the negative impact of price fluctuations on the investment portfolio. The company expects that the price of gold will further open up the upside in 2019, and it will be the most profitable investment in the investment environment in the investment environment. It is recommended that investors increase the proportion of gold varieties in the portfolio.

In addition,AlumThe company (MSCI) today announced that it will increase the A-share factor from 5% to 10%, which will help foreign capital continue to flow into the A-share market. Regarding the phenomenon of foreign investment in A-shares, Guo Shiliang said that this will accelerate global capital flows, and the competition between overseas assets and the core competitiveness of domestic assets will mainly depend on factors such as market valuation and investment value of high-quality assets. In the future, QDII funds with stronger asset allocation capabilities and more active global asset allocations will receive stable investment return expectations, and product hedging functions are worthy of attention.

(Article source: International Finance News)

                                (Editor: DF384)


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