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Full name of the fundChina Growth Securities Investment FundShort name of the fundHuaxia grow
Fund Code000001 (front), 000002 (back)Fund TypeHybrid
issue dateNovember 28, 2001Date of establishment / sizeDecember 18, 2001 / 3,236.8 million copies
Asset sizeRMB5.143 billion (as of September 30, 2017)Share size43.0363 billion copies(As of September 30, 2017)
Fund managerHuaxia FundFund custodianConstruction Bank
Fund managerDongyang YangSet up to dividendsEach cumulative total of 2.41 yuan (20 times)
Management rates1.50% (per year)Managed rates0.25% (per year)
Sales service rates---(Per year)The highest subscription rate1.00% (front end)
The highest purchase rate1.50% (front end)
Daily fund discount rate:0.15% (front end)
The maximum redemption rate0.50% (front end)
Performance comparison benchmarkThe fund has yet to disclose performance benchmarkingTracking the targetThe fund does not track the subject
Fund management fees and custodian fees deducted directly from the fund products, the specific calculation methods and rates structure seeFund "prospectus"

                                          The fund is a growth fund, mainly through the investment in the stock of listed companies with good growth, while maintaining the safety and liquidity of fund assets, realize the long-term capital appreciation of the fund.

                                          The fund's basic investment philosophy is "the pursuit of growth" and "research to create value."       1, the pursuit of growth: The Fund believes that China's rapid economic growth for many years and this momentum is still expected to continue. Many listed companies are excellent representatives of China's economy, benefiting from the rapid economic growth and showing good growth. Investing in the stocks of these growing listed companies can maximize the share of the fruits of China's rapid economic growth .       2, research to create value: The Fund believes that the mid to long term stock market is determined by the fundamentals of listed companies, the long-term trend of national debt is determined by the macroeconomic fundamentals, and only based on the basic macroeconomic and listed companies In-depth research can accurately grasp the mid-to-long term trend of stocks and bonds and create value for investment.

                                          The Fund's investment is limited to well-liquid financial instruments, including domestically listed and publicly traded stocks and bonds and other financial instruments permitted by the CSRC to allow the fund to invest. The focus of the investment is on the stocks issued by the growth-listed companies with expected profit or income growth potential, which will be no less than 80% of the fund's equity assets.

                                          (1) stock investment   The Fund focused on investment in the expected profit or income growth potential of listed companies with good growth stocks issued from the fundamentals of the analysis of the selection of growth stocks. A company that has the following characteristics will be actively targeted by the fund: 1 The industry in which the Company is located has good prospects for development. The Company is a leader in the industry with clear competitive advantages and strength. It can take full advantage of the industry development opportunities and maintain its lead ; 2 the company's business model and technological innovation ability to maintain a comparative advantage, understand the market and be able to continue to introduce new products to truly meet market needs; 3 company management has a keen sense of business sense, able to quickly respond to changes in the external environment. The Fund established a set of comprehensive evaluation index system based on the growth of listed companies to listed companies in the past two years, the historical growth and the expected growth of the next two years as the core, through the listed companies where the industry growth and its The competitive position in the industry, the financial position including profitability and solvency, the operation and management capabilities of enterprises, and R & D capabilities, and other factors to examine the growth of listed companies and the reliability of this growth Sexual and Continuity, combined with the corresponding price-earnings ratio of its stock price level compared with its growth is reasonable, to make specific investment decisions.   (2) bond investment   The Fund can invest in treasury bonds, financial bonds and corporate bonds (including convertible bonds). Based on the analysis of the trend of interest rates and the fundamentals of bond issuers, the Fund will consider factors such as the impact of changes in interest rates on different bond types, the level of yield, the size of credit risk and the liquidity of bonds. Types, combinations of bonds of different maturities.

                                          1, each unit has the same distribution rights; 2, the fund returns in the first year to make up for the loss of the previous year, before the proceeds can be distributed; 3, if the fund investment net loss in the current period, no distribution of proceeds; 4, the Fund 5, subject to the conditions of the relevant fund dividends under the premise of the Fund at least once the distribution of income, but if less than 3 months after the establishment of the proceeds can not be distributed, the annual distribution of funds in the fiscal year end Within 4 months after completion of the fund; 6, the fund holder can choose to obtain cash or reinvest the dividend reinvested in the Fund, choose to take the form of dividend reinvestment, dividend funds according to the dividend date of implementation of the net unit of fund into corresponding Of the units; 7, laws and regulations or regulatory authorities otherwise provided, from its provisions.

                                        No data

                                          The Fund in the securities investment funds are high risk varieties, the long-term average expected return and risk higher than bond funds and hybrid funds.

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