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Basic profile

Full name of the fundChina Growth Securities Investment FundFund abbreviationChinese growth
Fund code000001 (front end), 000002 (back end)Fund typeHybrid
issue dateNovember 28, 2001Date of establishment/scaleDecember 18, 2001 / 32.368 billion copies
Asset size4.988 billion yuan (as of December 31, 2017)Share size4.393832 million(as of December 31, 2017)
Fund managerChina FundFund custodianConstruction Bank
Fund managerDong YangyangSet up to pay dividendsEach cumulative 2.41 yuan (20 times)
Management fee rate1.50% (per year)Hosting rate0.25% (per year)
Sales service rate---(Per year)Maximum subscription rate1.00% (front end)
The highest purchase rate1.50% (front end)
Daily fund discount rates:0.15% (front end)
Maximum redemption rate0.50% (front end)
Performance benchmarkThe fund has not yet disclosed the performance benchmarkTracking targetThe fund does not follow the target
Fund management fees and custodian fees are directly deducted from fund products. For detailed calculation methods and rate structures, please refer toFund "Proposal Manual"

                                          The base metal growth fund mainly invests in the stocks of listed companies with good growth, and realizes the long-term capital appreciation of the fund while maintaining the safety and liquidity of the fund assets.

                                          The Fund's basic investment philosophy is "pursuit of growth" and "research to create value."       1. Pursuit of growth: The Fund believes that the Chinese economy has enjoyed rapid growth for many years and this momentum is still expected to be maintained. Many of the listed companies are outstanding representatives of the Chinese economy. They will benefit from the rapid growth of the economy and show a good growth. Investing in the stocks of these growing listed companies can best share the fruits of China’s rapid economic growth. .       2. Research and creation of value: The Fund believes that the medium and long-term trend of stocks is determined by the fundamentals of listed companies. The medium and long-term trend of government bonds is determined by the fundamentals of macroeconomics, and only based on macroeconomics and the basics of listed companies. In-depth research can accurately capture the medium and long-term trends of stocks and bonds, thereby creating value for investment.

                                          The investment scope of the Fund is limited to financial instruments with good liquidity, including the domestic public offering of listed stocks, bonds and other financial instruments allowed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to invest in funds. The focus of the investment is the shares issued by growth listed companies that have good growth potential for their profits or income. This proportion of investment will be no less than 80% of the equity assets of the fund.

                                          (1) Stock investment   The fund focuses on investing in the stocks of growth listed companies with expected growth potential or income, and starts with the analysis of fundamentals to select growth stocks. Companies with the following characteristics will be the focus of the fund's active attention: 1 The company's industry development prospects are good, the company is in a leading position in the industry, and has obvious competitive advantages and strengths, can fully grasp the opportunities for the development of the industry and stay ahead 2 The company's business model and technological innovation ability maintain its comparative advantage, understand the market and can continue to introduce new products to truly meet market needs; 3 company management has a keen business sense and can quickly respond to changes in the external environment. The Fund has established a comprehensive evaluation index system for listed companies based on growth, focusing on the historical growth of listed companies in the past two years and the expected growth in the next two years, through the growth of listed companies and their The company's competitive position, financial status including profitability and debt repayment ability, business management capabilities, R&D capabilities, and other factors are factored into a comprehensive assessment of the growth of listed companies and the reliability of such growth. Sexuality and sustainability, combined with whether the price-earnings ratio corresponding to its stock price is reasonable compared to its growth, make specific investment decisions.   (2) Bond investment   The Fund can invest in government bonds, financial bonds and corporate bonds (including convertible bonds). Based on the analysis of interest rate trends and the fundamentals of bond issuers, the Fund will comprehensively consider factors such as the impact of interest rate changes on different bond varieties, the level of yield, the size of credit risk, and the liquidity of the bond. Types and combinations of bond types for different periods.

                                          1. Each fund unit enjoys the same distribution rights; 2. Before the fund's current year's income makes up for the losses of the previous year, it can distribute the profits of the current year; 3. If the fund investment suffers a net loss in the current period, no income distribution will be made; 4. Funds The net value of the fund unit cannot be less than the face value after the income distribution; 5. The fund's income is allocated at least once a year on the premise of meeting the relevant fund dividend conditions, but the income distribution may not be carried out if the company is established for less than 3 months. The annual distribution ends at the end of the fund's fiscal year. Completed within 4 months; 6. The fund holder may choose to obtain cash or reinvest the dividends obtained in the fund, and choose to take the form of dividend reinvestment. Dividend funds will be converted to the corresponding net value of the fund unit on the implementation date of dividends. The fund unit; 7. If the laws, regulations or regulatory agencies provide otherwise, follow the regulations.

                                        No data

                                          The Fund is a medium- and high-risk variety in securities investment funds. Its long-term average expected returns and risks are higher than bond funds and hybrid funds.

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