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Purchase information

Purchase statusSuspended purchaseRedemption statusSuspension of redemptionSet the vote statenot support
Ordinary back to life Postand bySpeed ​​back to life Postand bySuper conversionstand by
Open purchase timeNovember 27, 2017 November 15 to December 11, 15:00
Open redemption timeNovember 27, 2017, 15:00 to December 04, 15:00
Open purchase / redemption time is for reference only, the specific time to fund company announcement shall prevail

Purchase starting point1000 RMBSet the starting point---Day cumulative purchase limitUnlimited amount
First purchase1000 RMBAdditional purchase1000 RMB

Minimum redemption share--- copiesPartially redeem the minimum retained share--- copies

Confirmation of purchaseT + 1Redemption confirmation dateT + 1

Management rate0.70% (per year)Custody rate0.20% per yearSales service rate0.30% (per year)
Note: Management fees and custodian fees are made daily from the fund assets. The net value of the fund announced on each working day has been deducted from management fees and custody fees,No investors are required to pay separately in each transactionThe

Applicable amountApplicable periodThe original rate|
Fund every day preferential rates

Applicable amountApplicable periodThe original rate|
Fund every day preferential rates
Bank card purchase|Buy money to buy
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Fund super conversion, transferred to the fund purchase rate with reference to the daily fund to buy preferential rates.Learn about the fund's super conversion

Applicable amountApplicable periodRedemption rate

                                            Note: In the fund to raise funds for the first time to buy the fund called the subscription, the end of the subscription period after the fund needs to enter the closed period of not more than 3 months.

                                            After the end of the fund closure period, if you apply for an open-end fund, customary called the fund purchase to distinguish between the subscription during the issue.

Fund purchase cost calculation formula:

Front purchase fee = purchase amount - purchase amount / (1 + purchase rate)

Back-end purchase fee = redemption share × purchase fund share net value (fund share face value) × back-end purchase (subscription) rate

Fund redemption cost calculation formula:

Fund redemption fee = redemption amount × redemption rate

* The Fund rate source fund company, please the fund company official website to provide the rate data prevail.

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