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Subscription statusLimit largeRedeem statusOpen redemptionWill vote for the statestand by
Ordinary period of return treasurestand bySpeed ​​back to Po periodstand bySuper conversionstand by

Application starting point100 yuanSet to start10 yuanDaily cumulative purchase limit5000000 yuan
First purchase100 yuanAdditional purchase100 yuan

Minimum redemption share1 copyPartial redemption of the minimum reserved share1 copy

Subscription confirmation dateT + 1Redemption confirmation dateT + 1

Management rates
1. The Fund's fixed management fees by the Fund's net asset value of 1.00% per annum rate accrued.
2. The Fund's floating management fee is based on the level of annualized returns of each fund share during the holding period, and the floating management fee is charged when the fund share holders redeem / transfer the fund share.
Fund Share i Annualized Return on Hold (Ri) Floating Management Rate (E)
Ri≤7.00% 0.00%
7.00%< Ri≤9.00%                                 0.5×(Ri -7.00%)
Ri>9.00% 1.00%
      The formula for calculating the annualized rate of return of the fund share i during the holding period is as follows:
Ri = ((NaviT-Navi0) / navi0) * (365 / Ti)
      among them:
     NaviT is the cumulative net value of the fund shares i during the redemption or rollover workday
     Navi0 for the fund share i in the subscription or purchase or transferred to the working day of the cumulative net fund shares;
     navi0 for the fund share i in the subscription or purchase or transfer to the working day of the net value of fund shares;
     Ti is the number of days the fund share i is held.
     The calculation of the annualized return rate during the holding period of the fund shares is truncated to four digits after the decimal point, that is, two digits after the decimal point in the percent sign.
      (1) Reference date
Working days for fund share holders to apply for redemption or transfer of fund shares.
      (2) Withdrawal method
When a fund share holder redeems or transfers the fund shares, the floating management fee is deducted from the redemption or transfer amount.
      (3) Floating management fee calculation
Floating management fee is calculated as follows:
Hi = avg (navi) * Ei * Ti / 365
Hk = ΣS (i = 1) Hi
      Avg (navi) is the arithmetic mean of the net value of fund shares during the holding period of fund shares;
Ei is the floating management fee of fund share i, Ei = 0.00% if Ri≤7.00%; if 7.00%< 9.00%≤Ri,则Ei=0.5*(Ri-7.00%);如果Ri>9.00% then Ei = 1.00%.
T is the holding days of fund share i;
H for the fund share i floating management fee;
H is the floating management fee payable by fund share holder k;
S is the total number of fund shares redeemed or transferred out by the fund share holder k.
Floating management fee calculation using truncation method to the second decimal place.
      After the registration agency confirms the redemption / transfer application of the fund share holders, the fund custodian transfers the redemption money to the fund clearing account. The registration system calculates the amount of floating management fees to be accrued according to the annualized return rate of the fund during the holding period. The registration authority regularly pays the floating management fee to the fund manager without review by the fund trustee.
Managed rates0.25% (per year)
Sales service rates---
Note: Management fees and custodian fees are accrued daily from fund assets. The fund net value announced on each working day has been deducted from the management fees and custodian fees,No need for investors to pay separately for each transaction. Some fund management fees drawn in a floating manner, please refer to the specific announcement of the fund company shall prevail.

Applicable amountApplicable periodThe original rate|
Daily fund discount rates
Less than 100 million---1.20%
Greater than or equal to 1000000 yuan, less than 5000000 yuan---0.80%
Greater than or equal to 5 million yuan---Each 1,000 yuan

Applicable amountApplicable periodThe original rate|
Daily fund discount rates
Bank card purchase|Living treasure to buy
Less than 100 million---1.50%| 0.15% | 0.15%
Greater than or equal to 1000000 yuan, less than 5000000 yuan---1.00%| 0.10% | 0.10%
Greater than or equal to 5 million yuan---Each 1,000 yuan
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Fund super conversion, transfer funds into the subscription rate reference to the daily fund to buy discount rates.Understand the fund super conversion

Applicable amountApplicable periodRedemption rates
---Less than 7 days1.50%
---Greater than or equal to 7 days, less than 30 days0.75%
---Greater than or equal to 30 days, less than 365 days0.50%
---Greater than or equal to 365 days, less than 730 days0.25%
---Greater than or equal to 730 days0.00%
Tips: In order to protect the interests of long-term investors, the Commission provides that the Fund redeemed short-term investors will receive a redemption fee of not less than 0.5%. The fee charged by the fund company and included in the fund property. (See rate sheet)
friendly reminder:Redemption share will be held in accordance with the first-in-first-out time and the corresponding redemption costs.

                                            Note: In the initial fund-raising period to buy funds is called subscription, after the subscription period, the Fund needs to enter a period of no more than three months of closure.

                                            After the closing period of the fund, if you apply for the purchase of open-end funds, customarily referred to as fund subscriptions to distinguish between subscriptions during the issue.

Fund purchase fee calculation formula:

Front-end purchase costs = purchase amount - purchase amount / (1 + purchase rate)

Back-end purchase costs = redemption share × purchase date of the net value of fund shares (fund share par value × back-end subscription (subscription) rates

Fund redemption fee calculation formula:

Fund redemption fee = redemption amount × redemption rate

* The Fund rate of fund company, please rate the fund company's official website to prevail.

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