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Purchase information

Purchase statusOpen subscriptionRedemption statusOpen redemptionFixed investment statusstand by
Ordinary return period treasurestand bySpeed ​​back to lifestand bySuper conversionstand by

Purchase starting point100 yuanFixed starting point100 yuanDaily cumulative subscription limitNo limit
First purchase100 yuanAdditional purchase100 yuan

Minimum redemption share1 servingPartial redemption minimum share1 serving

Buy confirmation dateT+1Sell ​​confirmation dateT+1

Management rate1.00% (per year)Custody rate0.20% (per year)Sales service rate0.00% (per year)
Note: Management fees and custodian fees are accrued daily from fund assets. The net value of the fund announced on each working day has been deducted from the management fee and the custodian fee.No need for investors to pay separately in each transaction.

Applicable amountApplicable periodOriginal rate|
Daily fund preferential rate
Less than 1 million yuan---0.60%
Greater than or equal to 1 million yuan, less than 5 million yuan---0.30%
Greater than or equal to 5 million yuan---1,000 yuan per pen

Applicable amountApplicable periodOriginal rate|
Daily fund preferential rate
Bank card purchase|Buying a treasure
Less than 1 million yuan---0.80%| 0.08% | 0.08%
Greater than or equal to 1 million yuan, less than 5 million yuan---0.40%| 0.04% | 0.04%
Greater than or equal to 5 million yuan---1,000 yuan per pen
friendly reminder:The current purchase of funds is convenient and fast.Understand what is a life treasure
The fund is super-converted, and the subscription rate for transfer to the fund is based on the daily rate of the fund.Learn about fund super conversion

Applicable amountApplicable periodRedemption rate
---Less than 7 days1.50%
---Greater than or equal to 7 days, less than 30 days0.75%
---Greater than or equal to 30 days, less than 6 months0.50%
---Greater than or equal to 6 months0.00%
Friendly reminder: In order to protect the interests of long-term investors, the CSRC stipulates that the Fund will charge a redemption fee of not less than 0.5% when redeeming short-term investors. The fee is collected by the fund company and included in the fund's property. (See rate table for details)
friendly reminder:The redemption share will be held in accordance with the advanced first-out and the corresponding redemption fee.

                                            Note: The act of purchasing a fund during the fund's first recruitment period is called a subscription, and the fund needs to enter a closed period of no more than three months after the end of the subscription period.

                                            After the closure period of the fund, if you apply to purchase an open-end fund, it is customary to refer to the fund subscription to distinguish the subscription during the issuance period.

Fund purchase fee calculation formula:

Front-end subscription fee = purchase amount - purchase amount / (1 + subscription rate)

Back-end subscription fee = redemption share × purchase date fund share net value (fund share face value) × back-end subscription (subscription) rate

Fund redemption fee calculation formula:

Fund Redemption Fee = Redemption Amount × Redemption Rate

* The fund rate source fund company, please use the rate data provided by the fund company's official website.

Solemnly declare: The above information (including but not limited to text, data and graphics) is based on public information collection, the relevant information has not been confirmed by the company, the company does not guarantee the accuracy, authenticity and integrity of all or part of the information. Does not constitute any recommendation or guarantee of the company. The specific information of the fund is subject to the relevant announcement of the administrator. Before investing, investors should carefully read the legal documents such as the Fund Contract and the Prospectus to understand the product benefits and risk characteristics. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious. Source: Eastern Fortune Choice data.