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Rank Fund name Types of Nearly 1 week Nearly March Nearly one year Purchase fee Purchase starting point operating
1Bank of Communications New Life Vibrant Flexible Configuration MixHybrid-1.75%11.11%55.60%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
2Huitianfu mobile internet stocksStock type-3.97%7.16%3.38%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
3Eastern Red China Advantage MixHybrid-3.71%-5.21%32.50%1.50%1000 RMBbuy
4Oriental Red Industrial Upgrade BlendHybrid-3.32%-5.88%33.58%1.50%1000 RMBbuy
5CCB CSI 500 Strengthen AStock index-2.89%-6.49%-5.21%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
6Anson Value Selected StocksStock type-3.35%-7.50%16.72%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
7China Market SelectHybrid-2.23%-8.50%16.57%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
8E Funda consumer industryStock type-1.13%-10.74%28.77%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
9Invesco Great Wall CSI 300 EnhancedStock index-2.81%-11.44%13.39%1.20%0.12%100 yuanbuy
10China Merchants Banking Liquor Index ClassificationStock index0.00%-12.77%32.12%1.00%0.10%100 yuanbuy

Stock typeNuggets with excellent returns

Rank Fund name Nearly March Purchase fee operating
1Huitianfu mobile internet stocks7.16%1.50%0.15%buy
2CCB CSI 500 Strengthen A-6.49%1.50%0.15%buy
3On the investment Morgan growth-7.30%1.50%0.15%buy
4Anson Value Selected Stocks-7.50%1.50%0.15%buy
5E Funda consumer industry-10.74%1.50%0.15%buy
6Huitianfu Zhongzheng main consumer ETF joint-11.20%1.00%0.10%buy
7Invesco Great Wall CSI 300 Enhanced-11.44%1.20%0.12%buy
8Huaxia CSI 300ETF connection A-11.68%1.20%0.12%buy
9China Merchants Banking Liquor Index Classification-12.77%1.00%0.10%buy
10Cathay Internet + Stock-18.06%1.50%0.15%buy

Bond typeInvest in bonds to achieve steady growth in earnings

Rank Fund name Nearly March Purchase fee operating
1Boshi Credit Bond A/B3.25%0.80%0.08%buy
2ICBC Bond Bond B3.21%0.00%buy
3E Fund High Grade Credit Bond Bond C3.13%0.00%buy
4Yinhua Credit Season Red Bonds2.74%0.70%0.07%buy
5EasyFonda Steady Yield Bond A2.55%0.00%buy
6Dacheng Jingan Short-term Bond Bond A1.86%0.00%buy
7Huitianfu Bond Bond C1.49%0.00%buy
8Huitian Fu High-yield Bond Bond C0.65%0.00%buy
9Changsheng Tongxin Bond C-2.56%0.00%buy
10E Funda Eases Repayment Bond A-4.51%0.80%0.08%buy

ExponentialRaise the index to make money

Rank Fund name Nearly March Purchase fee operating
1Guolian Anzhongxie Pharmaceutical 1001.99%1.20%0.12%buy
2CCB CSI 500 Strengthen A-6.49%1.50%0.15%buy
3Huaan CSI 300 enhanced C-10.25%0.00%buy
4Rich Chinese State Dividend Index Increases-10.54%1.50%0.15%buy
5Huitianfu Zhongzheng main consumer ETF joint-11.20%1.00%0.10%buy
6Invesco Great Wall CSI 300 Enhanced-11.44%1.20%0.12%buy
7Huaxia CSI 300ETF connection A-11.68%1.20%0.12%buy
8Bo Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index A-12.30%1.50%0.15%buy
9China Merchants Banking Liquor Index Classification-12.77%1.00%0.10%buy
10Yi Fangda Shanghai 50 Index A-13.79%1.50%0.15%buy

HybridSignificant income, both offensive and defensive, risk control

Rank Fund name Nearly March Purchase fee operating
1Bank of Communications New Life Vibrant Flexible Configuration Mix11.11%1.50%0.15%buy
2E-Fashion's emerging growth flexible configuration7.26%1.50%0.15%buy
3Eastern Red China Advantage Mix-5.21%1.50%buy
4E F-5.33%1.50%0.15%buy
5Oriental Red Industrial Upgrade Blend-5.88%1.50%buy
6Cathay Pacific Growth Mix-6.32%1.50%0.15%buy
7Bo Shi Theme Industry Mix (LOF)-7.24%1.50%0.15%buy
8China Market Select-8.50%1.50%0.15%buy
9Xingquanherun graded blend-9.47%1.20%0.12%buy
10Huitianfu consumer industry mix-11.33%1.50%0.15%buy

QDIIInvest overseas to share the global bull market opportunity

Rank Fund name Nearly March Purchase fee operating
1Dacheng Nasdaq 100 Index-3.04%1.20%0.12%buy
2State-owned Nasdaq 100 Index-3.31%1.50%0.15%buy
3Harvest Global Internet Shares RMB-3.52%1.50%0.15%buy
4Guo Fu Greater China Select Mix-3.71%1.50%0.15%buy
5Penghua Global High Yield Bonds-4.20%0.80%0.08%buy
6Huaan Germany 30 (DAX) connection-7.47%1.20%0.12%buy
7China Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Seng ETF Link A-7.60%1.20%0.12%buy
8Bank of Communications China Overseas Internet Index-7.66%1.20%0.12%buy
9Huaxia Hang Seng ETF Join-7.74%1.20%0.12%buy
10Huaxia Global Select-10.54%1.60%0.16%buy

Currency type0 fee, flexible access, stable return

Rank Fund name 7 years of aging 14 years of aging operating
1China Cash Increases Currency A/E4.8350%4.3313%buy
2Southern Tianli Currency B4.6150%4.6441%buy
3Peng Hua Tian Li Bao currency4.4790%4.4949%buy
4Huitianfu and Jubao currency4.4480%4.4414%buy
5Merchants recruit Qianbao currency A4.3070%4.2999%buy
6Rich country rich wallet currency4.2550%4.3896%buy
7Livelihood Plus Silver Teng Yuanbao Currency B4.2520%4.0762%buy
8Golden Eagle Currency B4.1690%4.1656%buy
9Rich Country Day Currency B3.8910%3.9591%buy
10Great Wall Currency B3.8870%3.9642%buy
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