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Monthly sales total listMonetary and financial management funds are not included in the statistics

Ranking Fund name Types of Nearly a week Nearly three months Nearly a year Purchase fee Beginning of purchase operating
1Bank of New Life flexible configuration mixHybrid-0.21%22.58%39.90%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
2Easy Fonda consumer industryStock type-3.78%10.33%42.94%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
3China Merchants card liquor index gradingStock index-2.90%9.72%57.71%1.00%0.10%100 yuanbuy
4Huitianfu blue chip steadyHybrid-3.91%9.34%32.32%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
5Guotai JinxinStock type-2.69%9.24%42.86%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
6Cathay growth preferred mixedHybrid-2.86%8.73%41.99%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
7Huaan strategy optimization mixHybrid-1.92%8.09%44.29%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
8Morgan on the core growthStock type-2.76%7.80%41.57%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
9Cathay Pacific Internet + stockStock type-4.48%3.72%45.89%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy
10Morgan on the emerging power mixHybrid-3.08%3.28%37.21%1.50%0.15%100 yuanbuy

Stock typeExcellent digging machine weapon

Ranking Fund name Nearly three months Purchase fee operating
1Cathay China Food and beverage industry index grading11.71%0.00%buy
2Easy Fonda consumer industry10.33%1.50%0.15%buy
3China Merchants card liquor index grading9.72%1.00%0.10%buy
4Guotai Jinxin9.24%1.50%0.15%buy
5Morgan on the core growth7.80%1.50%0.15%buy
6Harvest Shanghai and Shenzhen stock selection7.70%1.50%0.15%buy
7Founder Fubon insurance theme index rating6.60%0.80%0.08%buy
8Harvest cutting-edge technology Shanghai and Hong Kong stock5.61%1.50%0.15%buy
9Cathay Pacific Internet + stock3.72%1.50%0.15%buy
10Galaxy will vote Po Tencent Ji'an index-2.97%0.00%buy

Bond typeInvest in bonds and achieve steady growth of revenue

Ranking Fund name Nearly three months Purchase fee operating
1Peace Dahua Whiskers pure debt7.16%0.80%0.08%buy
2Southern Bao yuan bonds1.55%0.80%0.08%buy
3Great King Security bonds A1.17%0.00%buy
4Xinhua Credit Gain Bonds C0.76%0.00%buy
5Castrol super short debt bonds0.58%0.00%buy
6Changsheng Tongxi bonds C-0.98%0.00%buy
7E Fund assured that bonds-1.14%0.80%0.08%buy
8E Fund assured bond B-1.27%0.00%buy
9GDB 7-10 years of national debt index-2.42%0.50%0.05%buy
10Long letter convertible bonds C-6.33%0.00%buy

Index typeRose index to make money

Ranking Fund name Nearly three months Purchase fee operating
1Cathay China Food and beverage industry index grading11.71%0.00%buy
2China Merchants card liquor index grading9.72%1.00%0.10%buy
3CCTV 509.38%1.20%0.12%buy
4E Fund Shanghai index 50 index A9.12%1.50%0.15%buy
5Celestica Zhongzheng Electronic Index C7.35%0.00%buy
6Celestica card food and beverage index C6.69%0.00%buy
7Founder Fubon insurance theme index rating6.60%0.80%0.08%buy
8Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhanced5.24%1.20%0.12%buy
9Galaxy will vote Po Tencent Ji'an index-2.97%0.00%buy
10Celesticus C-5.18%0.00%buy

HybridProfitable, both offensive and defensive, the risk controllable

Ranking Fund name Nearly three months Purchase fee operating
1Bank of New Life flexible configuration mix22.58%1.50%0.15%buy
2Southern quality mix12.18%1.50%0.15%buy
3Huitianfu blue chip steady9.34%1.50%0.15%buy
4Cathay growth preferred mixed8.73%1.50%0.15%buy
5Harvest optimization bonus mixed8.60%1.50%0.15%buy
6Yinhua rich theme mixed8.27%1.50%0.15%buy
7Huaan strategy optimization mix8.09%1.50%0.15%buy
8Morgan on the emerging power mix3.28%1.50%0.15%buy
9Cathay valuation advantages mixed (LOF)3.18%1.50%0.15%buy
10Huitianfu mixed social responsibility0.43%1.50%0.15%buy

QDIIInvest overseas to share global bull market opportunities

Ranking Fund name Nearly three months Purchase fee operating
1Warburg S & P oil index17.43%1.50%0.15%buy
2On the investment Morgan China century RMB11.25%1.50%0.15%buy
3Warburg Overseas Chinese Mix (QDII)7.85%1.50%0.15%buy
4Huaxia Global Select7.83%1.60%0.16%buy
5Huitianfu global Internet hybrid7.17%1.60%0.16%buy
6GF Nasdaq 100 index6.06%1.30%0.13%buy
7Huaxia Hang Seng ETF connection4.47%1.20%0.12%buy
8Huaxia China Credit Debt1.12%0.80%0.08%buy
9Harvest Global Internet stock renminbi0.62%1.50%0.15%buy
10Yi S & P Biotech RMB-0.84%1.20%0.12%buy

Currency type0 fee, access and flexible, stable revenue

Ranking Fund name 7 years of age 14 years of age operating
1Penghua Tim Lee Po currency4.5960%4.5708%buy
2South daily profit currency B4.5450%4.5390%buy
3Rich country rich wallet currency4.3220%4.2876%buy
4Xing full currency4.2610%4.2454%buy
5Hua An Huitong currency4.2320%4.1941%buy
6Minsheng plus silver Teng yuan currency B4.2300%4.3314%buy
7Anxin live treasure currency A4.2070%4.6149%buy
8ICBC currency4.1010%3.9947%buy
9Dacheng cash profit currency3.5800%3.6864%buy
10Jiatai day Tim gold currency A3.3000%3.6670%buy
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