Dongguan Qifeng No. 1B30001

  • Performance benchmark (annualized)


  • Operation period

    362 days

  • product type

    Limited collection asset management plan

  • It is divided into 1 month and open from time to time. The end of the one-month period is an open day. If it is not redeemed, it will be rolled over to the next month; the irregular share will be automatically redeemed on the due date.
  • Unlimited number of people
* Performance benchmark (annualized), which indicates the highest annualized rate of return that the product may achieve, does not constitute a minimum income guarantee, nor does it represent a certain profit.

Operation history

Operation period Performance benchmark (annualized)
                This product is a non-public fund product. There is no public channel for past performance. Our company cannot guarantee that the above data is true, accurate and complete. Please do not use it as the basis for investment decision.

Purchase information

Recognition (application) purchase amount: 50000
Duration: No fixed duration
Purchase fee: 0.00%
Redemption fee: 0.00%
Performance compensation: 100% of the remaining daily income is included in the performance remuneration
management fee: 0.00%
Hosting fee: 0.15%

Basic Information

The full name of the product: Dongguan Qifeng No. 1 Strategy Select Collective Asset Management Plan
Product Code: B30001
Income structure: fixed income
Funding: It mainly invests in domestically issued bonds, bond funds, medium-term notes, stock pledge repurchases, commercial bank financial planning, money market funds, bank deposits and other fixed-income investment products recognized by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
Investment Strategy: (1) Fixed-income assets: including government bonds, financial bonds, medium-term notes, corporate bonds, SME private debts, convertible bonds, split-transaction convertible bonds, short-term financing bonds, reverse repurchase of bonds with maturities of more than seven days, assets Supporting beneficiary certificates, asset-backed securities, non-publicly oriented debt financing instruments (PPN), stock pledge repurchase, commercial bank financial plan with expected rate of return, etc., as a percentage of total assets: 0-100%;
(2) Cash assets: including bank deposits, central bank bills due within one year, reverse repurchase of bonds within seven days (including seven days), and money market funds, etc.: 0-100%;
(3) The securities are being repurchased: the balance of the funds to be integrated does not exceed 40% of the planned net asset value;
Investment range: No data
Project participants: No data
Structured design: No data
Participation in own funds: The share of the manager's participation in the collective plan with its own funds shall not exceed 20% of the total share of the collective plan.
Income risk characteristics: low risk
Wind control measures: No data
Product size limit: unlimited
Income distribution principle: (1) The same class of shares enjoy the same distribution rights.
(2) The share of the plan for the successful participation in the T-day will not enjoy the dividend interest on the T-day dividend, and will enjoy the dividend interest from the T+1 day; the planned share of the T-day exit will enjoy the dividend dividend on the T-day, and will not enjoy the dividend from the T+1 day. rights and interests.
(3) The distribution of income from the collective plan defaults to the dividend reinvestment method, and the principal can choose to adopt the cash dividend method through the promotion agency or the trading system.
The various types of shares in this collection plan have the corresponding expected rate of return according to different term types, and the various shares carry forward the proceeds on the maturity date.
administrator: Dongguan Securities Co., Ltd.
Investment Advisor: No data
Investment Manager: Huang Haodong
Custodian: China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.

other information

Manager introduction
Established in June 1988 with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan, Dongguan Securities is a state-owned comprehensive securities company and one of the first underwriting agencies in China. The company's business scope covers brokerage, investment consulting, financial advisory, underwriting and sponsorship, securities self-employment, asset management, fund sales, futures IB, direct investment, margin financing, market making and other fields.
By the end of 2013, the company had 57 branches, and its business outlets were all located in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Economic Circle. The pattern of “based on Dongguan, facing South China and going to the whole country” was basically formed. The company wholly owns Dongxun Jinxin Investment Management Co., Ltd. and participates in Hualian Futures Co., Ltd.
The company keeps pace with national policies and industry developments, continuously enriches the company's business varieties, and vigorously optimizes the income source structure. At present, the company takes the three major businesses of brokerage, asset management and investment banking as the core, and actively develops the business of two financing, direct investment, debt financing, new three board and investment consulting, realizing a diversified brokerage from a single source of income sources to a source of income. Transformation.
Investment consultant introduction
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspNo data yet
Investment manager introduction
Huang Haodong, male, born in 1981, holds a bachelor's degree in management and a master's degree in business administration from Tsinghua University. He has served as senior financial manager of Tianhua Sunshine Holding Co., Ltd., researcher of Dongguan Securities Shenzhen Branch, and assistant manager of investment manager of Dongguan Securities Shenzhen Branch. Dongguan Securities Investment Manager, specializing in monetary policy research, bond credit research and portfolio management.
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