Tianfeng Securities Tianze No. 3 X54D43054

  • Performance benchmark (annualized)


  • Operation period

    90 days

  • product type

    Collective asset management plan

  • This collection plan is closed for operation, and the specific due date is subject to the administrator's announcement.
  • Unlimited number of people
* Performance benchmark (annualized), which indicates the highest annualized rate of return that a product may achieve, does not constitute a minimum return guarantee, nor does it represent a certain profit.

Operational history

Operation period Performance benchmark (annualized)
                This product is a non-public fund product. There is no public channel for past performance. Our company cannot guarantee that the above data is true, accurate and complete. Please do not use it as the basis for investment decision.

Purchase information

Recognition (application) purchase amount: 50000
Duration: This collection plan has no fixed duration
Purchase fee: 0.00%
Redemption fee: 0.00%
Performance compensation: The residual income of the collective plan after deducting the accrued investment income and various expenses of various collective plan shares is included in the risk reserve of the collective plan, and the risk reserve is included in the last 5 working days of each quarter in the first three quarters of each year. If there is a balance, the manager can withdraw 50% of the balance as performance compensation; if there is still a balance in the risk reserve during the last 5 working days of the fourth quarter of each year, the manager can withdraw all or part of the balance as Performance compensation.
management fee: 0.80%
Hosting fee: 0.17%

Basic Information

The full name of the product: Tianfeng Securities Tianze No. 3 Collective Asset Management Plan X75 Share
Product Code: D43054
Income structure: fixed income
Funding: The investment scope of the plan is all kinds of bonds and money market instruments issued in accordance with the law in China (referring to debt instruments with a maturity of less than or equal to one year) and other financial instruments permitted by laws and regulations or the China Securities Regulatory Commission, including bank deposits and interbank deposit receipts. , inter-bank and exchange, positive and negative repurchase, national debt, local government bonds, central bank bills, various types of financial bonds (policy bank financial bonds, commercial bank financial bonds, subordinated bonds, mixed capital bonds, and other financial institutions Bonds issued, corporate bonds, corporate bonds (including non-public issuance of corporate bonds), medium-term notes, short-term financing bonds, ultra-short financing bonds, asset-backed securities, asset-backed notes, non-publicly oriented debt financing instruments, convertible bonds, Fixed-income varieties approved by regulatory authorities such as publicly-received exchangeable bonds, private placement of exchangeable bonds, and money funds.
The plan does not directly buy equity assets such as stocks and warrants from the secondary market, and can participate in new shares in the primary market to purchase or issue new shares, and may hold shares formed by convertible bonds, public and private exchange convertible bonds. , the warrants issued by the stocks held, and the warrants generated by investing in the detachable bonds, as well as other non-fixed-income varieties that the laws and regulations or the China Securities Regulatory Commission allow to invest (subject to the relevant provisions of the China Securities Regulatory Commission).
This product can be invested in bonds being repurchased, and the balance of participating funds in the repurchase of bonds should not exceed 40% of the net asset value of the collective plan.
The total market capitalization of the assets of convertible bonds and exchangeable bonds does not exceed 20% of the net asset value of the collective plan.
This collection plan can participate in the stock pledged repo business, and the pledgee is registered as the manager. Stocks, ST and *ST stocks that are less than one month after listing (except for ST companies that have completed substantial asset restructuring), B shares, A shares that have entered the delisting period, and non-tradable shares that have not completed the share reform The stock may not be used as the pledge target for the stock pledged repo business of this collective plan. The ratio of stock pledged repo assets to the total net asset value of the collective plan is 0-100%.
    Stocks purchased in the primary market, issued shares and warrants distributed by them, stock assets formed by convertible corporate bonds, publicly traded exchangeable bonds, and private convertible bonds, the market capitalization of these assets and the financial derivatives guarantees account for the collective plan. The ratio of net assets to equity is 0-20%, of which the proportion of warrant investment must not exceed 3%.
If the laws and regulations or the regulatory agency later allow the brokerage to gather the asset management plan to invest in other varieties, the plan manager can include it in the investment scope after fulfilling the appropriate procedures.
Investment Strategy: Large-scale asset allocation strategy, fixed-income asset investment strategy, stock pledge repo business investment strategy
Investment range: (1) Fixed-income assets account for 0-100% of the total assets of the collective plan. Fixed-income assets mainly include government bonds, policy financial bonds, corporate bonds, and short-term financing bonds with maturities above one year. , medium-term notes, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, publicly-recognizable bonds, private placement of exchangeable bonds, detachable convertible bonds, central bank bills and other types of bond assets and money market instruments. Among them, convertible bonds, publicly traded exchangeable bonds, and private equity exchangeable bonds account for 0-20% of the aggregate net assets. (2) The ratio of cash assets to the net asset value of the collective plan is 0-100%, and the proportion of the net assets of the collective plan during the plan opening period is not less than 5%. Cash assets mainly include government bonds with a maturity date of one year (including one year), bond reverse repurchase within 7 days (including 7 days), money market funds, bank deposits and cash (including settlement). Reserves and so on. (3) The plan plans to hold a company-issued securities that does not exceed 10% of the net worth of the collective plan; the manager invests the managed plan assets in a company-issued securities, not exceeding 10% of the total issued amount of the securities. %. (4) The collective plan can invest in the stock pledge repurchase business, and the ratio of the stock pledged repo assets to the total value of the collective plan assets is 0-100%; the stocks purchased in the primary market, the additional stocks and their distribution The warrants and the total market capitalization of stock assets converted from convertible corporate bonds account for 0-20% of the net assets of the collective plan, of which the proportion of warrants investment shall not exceed 3%.
Project participants: Guarantor - this project does not involve the guarantor
Financing party - this project does not involve financing parties
Structured design: Unstructured design of the plan
Participation in own funds: The period of holding the manager's participation in the collective plan with his own funds shall not be less than 6 months, and the amount of participation of the self-owned funds shall not exceed 20% of the total share of the collective plan.
Income risk characteristics: Low to medium risk
Wind control measures: This plan does not set warning lines and stop loss lines.
Product size limit: The scale of funds raised during the promotion period of this collection plan is not less than RMB 300 million, and the maximum scale is 1 billion, and the duration is not Set an upper limit.
Income distribution principle: Cash dividend or dividend reinvestment
administrator: Tianfeng Securities Co., Ltd.
Investment Advisor: No data
Investment Manager: Zhao Kui, Jiang Shuqing, Xu Ye, Tu Xueqiong, Cui Wei
Custodian: China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.

other information

Manager introduction
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp> Tianfeng Securities is a hybrid ownership brokerage company established in 2000 and headquartered in Wuhan. It has grown into a national comprehensive securities company with a full license and a registered capital of 4.662 billion yuan. The comprehensive scale has leapt to the ranks of medium-sized brokers. Today, Tianfeng pays more attention to the industry, society and the country. It will rely on the comprehensive layout of the industrial chain in the big financial sector to help the three-dimensional value growth.
Investment consultant introduction
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspNo data yet
Investment manager introduction
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspZhao Kui: Graduated from Renmin University of China, Master of Business Administration, 5 years of investment research experience. He has served as project manager of Huarong Securities Investment Banking Department, researcher of machinery industry, and investment of Huarong Securities Asset Management Department. The current Tianfeng Securities Asset Management Branch invested and sponsored.
Jiang Shuqing: Head of Bond Investment, Master of Tsinghua University, joined Tianfeng Securities in 2015, seven years of investment and research experience in the bond market, rich experience in macro research and asset allocation, and served as self-investment manager of Hongyuan Securities Bonds. The scale of bond management is over 10 billion. The performance ranking has been ranked among the best in the industry for many years. The average annualized rate of return in 2009-2014 is over 20%, adhering to the concept of absolute return.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspXu Ye: Graduated from Waseda University in Japan with a master's degree in financial engineering and 5 years of investment research experience. He has served as a researcher in the securities trading department (self-operated) of CITIC Jiantou, and an investment manager of the securities investment department (self-operated) of Huarong Securities. In 2013, he was the first in the industry and was currently invested by Tianfeng Securities Asset Management Branch.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp& Tu Xueqiong: Master of Wuhan University, CFA, 10 years of research experience. He has worked for Ernst & Young Certified Public Accountants, China Chengxin International Credit Rating Company, Hongyuan Securities, Zhongrong Trust, and is a bond investment manager at Zhongrong Trust. The management scale is about 5 billion yuan. The average annualized yield in 2014 and 2015 is about 18 yuan. %, with an extremely rich experience in credit rating.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspCui Wei: Master of Tsinghua University, four years of fixed income asset management experience, worked in the financial market department of Deutsche Bank and Minsheng Bank. The current Tianfeng Securities Asset Management Branch invested and sponsored.
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