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Fund Manager: Deng Yuxiang

Fund Manager Profile:Deng Yuxiang: Master, former senior investment manager of Southwest Securities Co., Ltd., investment manager of Shenzhen Zhanbo Investment Co., Ltd., and investment manager of Shenzhen Dongxinjia Investment Co., Ltd.

Deng Yuxiang

Total appointment time:315 days
Starting date:2018-03-30
Current fund company:Fu Rong Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Current fund assets
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Best during his tenure
                                        Fund return

Deng YuxiangList of managed funds
Fund code Fund name Related Links Fund type Scale (100 million yuan) Working time Number of days Job return
004789Fu Rong Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced CValuation mapFundfileStock index0.132018-11-06 ~ Present94 days-4.56%
006110Fu Rong Value Select Mix CValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.162018-11-06 ~ Present94 days-4.56%
005105Furong Fukang Mix CValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.192018-11-06 ~ Present94 days-3.42%
005104Fu Rong Fukang Mix AValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.282018-11-06 ~ Present94 days-3.41%
004788Fu Rong Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced AValuation mapFundfileStock index0.002018-11-06 ~ Present94 days-4.55%
006109Fu Rong Value Select Mix AValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.002018-11-06 ~ Present94 days92.58%
005164Fu Rong Fu Jin Mix AValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.002018-03-30 ~ Present315 days-14.56%
004795Fu Rong Fu Xin Mix CValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.212018-03-30 ~ Present315 days-1.31%
005165Fu Rong Fu Jin Mix CValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.782018-03-30 ~ Present315 days-15.33%
004790Fu Rong CSI 500 Index AValuation mapFundfileStock index0.002018-03-30 ~ Present315 days-16.19%
004791Fu Rong CSI 500 Index CValuation mapFundfileStock index0.122018-03-30 ~ Present315 days-16.25%
004794Fu Rong Fu Xin Mix AValuation mapFundfileHybrid0.322018-03-30 ~ Present315 days-1.17%
Deng YuxiangCurrent fund performance and ranking details
Fund code Fund name Fund type Nearly March Similar ranking Near June Similar ranking Nearly a year Similar ranking Nearly two years Similar ranking In this year Similar ranking
004789Fu Rong Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced CStock index-4.95%964|1020-16.56%825|974--|853--|6654.81%622|1071
006110Fu Rong Value Select Mix CHybrid-4.88%2802|2840--|2756--|2511--|19793.15%1515|2903
005105Furong Fukang Mix CHybrid-2.21%2681|2840-14.46%2482|2756--|2511--|19794.80%944|2903
005104Fu Rong Fukang Mix AHybrid-2.21%2680|2840-14.44%2480|2756--|2511--|19794.80%945|2903
004788Fu Rong Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced AStock index-4.94%962|1020-16.53%822|974--|853--|6654.81%623|1071
006109Fu Rong Value Select Mix AHybrid91.97%1|2840--|2756--|2511--|1979108.02%1|2903
005164Fu Rong Fu Jin Mix AHybrid-0.83%2521|2840-12.27%2295|2756--|2511--|19794.74%961|2903
004795Fu Rong Fu Xin Mix CHybrid0.10%2292|2840-0.64%810|2756--|2511--|19790.05%2779|2903
005165Fu Rong Fu Jin Mix CHybrid-0.85%2528|2840-12.32%2304|2756--|2511--|19794.73%967|2903
004790Fu Rong CSI 500 Index AStock index-3.60%941|1020-12.64%610|974--|853--|6650.90%987|1071
004791Fu Rong CSI 500 Index CStock index-3.63%943|1020-12.68%613|974--|853--|6650.90%986|1071
004794Fu Rong Fu Xin Mix AHybrid0.12%2283|2840-0.60%807|2756--|2511--|19790.05%2780|2903

Deng Yuxiang's current investment style analysis

Stock trading turnover rate

Stock investment concentration

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