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The latest heavyweight! The fund's half-year performance list is released (list)

June 30, 2018 02:20
source: China Fund News
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[The latest heavyweight! The fund's half-year performance list is released (list). As of June 29, the active partial stock fund has achieved a maximum yield of 29.53% this year, from the rich countries' rich countries precision medical treatment. (China Fund News)

Along with the rebound of A-shares yesterday, the half-time stage of 2018 ended, and the performance of fund products also came out.

As of June 29, active biasStock baseGold’s highest rate of return this year has reached 29.53%,Rich country fundThe state of precision medicine. June 30th is the weekend, the stock market does not trade, so the active stocksNet value of fundBasically no change.

Note: Excluding funds that have a sudden change in net value due to redemption, etc.

Affected by external factors, funds, etc., on the whole, the A-share market first rose and then fell in the first half of the year, and the overall decline was more obvious. Statistics show that the Shanghai Composite Index fell 13.9%, and the GEM fell 8.33%. At the same time, the A-shares continued the structural market in the first half of the year, and the industry differentiation was more serious.

From the perspective of industry performance, the pharmaceutical bio-sector has been sought after by the market, and the industry has outstanding performance. Affected by this, pharmaceutical theme funds performed outstandingly in the first half of this year, most of themFund rankingBack to front.

  initiativeEquity fund:The first 8 are all "study doctors"

In the first half of this year, the structural market performance was outstanding, and the medical and health theme funds were driven by the industry and the overall performance was excellent.

Statistics show that the top 10 fund products have a yield of more than 10% in the first half of this year. Among them, Morgan Stanley has the best health performance and ranked first with a yield of 20.21%. Secondly, the theme yields of China Health Care and ABC's health care products reached 18.95% and 17.31% respectively. In addition, China Merchants Medicine Health Industry , GF Health Care, Bank of CommunicationsNew baseKim’s performance is also relatively bright, with yields exceeding 15%.

  Hybrid fund:6 performances over 20%

Among the hybrid funds, the top 10 fund products yielded more than 16%. Most of these fund products are also pharmaceutical subject funds. In addition, even if there are no related words such as “medical”, “medicine” and “health” in the name, from the perspective of the first quarter of these funds, the pharmaceutical bio-sector is their main investment direction.

Statistics show that the three funds of the Wells Fargo Fund entered the top five, of which the rich country precision medical treatment ranked first with a yield of 29.53%, and the rich new power A ranked second with a yield of 23.85%, the income of the rich countries healthcare industry The rate of 21.92% ranked fifth; in addition, the top 10 income rate is also the funds of China Europe Health Care A, Huitianfu Medical Services.

Note: Excluding funds that have a sudden change in net value due to redemption, etc.

                                (Editor: DF309)


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