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                            Interest start date and earnings display
                            Recharge time:
                            Interest starting date*:

                            Revenue display time:

* The share confirmation date. On weekends and statutory holidays, the fund company does not confirm the share, and the actual confirmed share shall prevail.
                            Unpaid earnings carry-forward time
                            Select linked funds:
                            Transfer time:

15th of each month

                            Note: The carry-forward time of current-period related funds is derived from the fund prospectus. For details, please contactFund announcement.

In case of two weekends and statutory holidays, the fund company's earnings carry-over time may be delayed. The actual result of the transfer shall prevail.

                        Revenue trend
                        Select linked funds: Every 10,000 yuan income:



7-day annualized rate of return:


See historical earnings trend (including holidays)
*The fund company publishes earnings data for the past weekend and Monday. Holiday income data is announced on the second trading day after the holiday (subject to the announcement of the fund company)Fund investment needs to be cautious

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