Hui'an Fengze Mix A 003889 Buy now


The Fund is committed to investing in companies that have excellent fundamental indicators and are relatively undervalued.


In this year

China Merchants Industry Bond A 217022 Buy now

Bond type                                             Medium risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product features: The annualized return of 8.29% since its establishment, on the basis of strict control of investment risks and maintaining asset liquidity, through the active investment management of industrial bonds, the long-term stable appreciation of fund assets.


Nearly 2 years

GF's consumer product selection mix 270041 Buy now

Hybrid                                             Medium to high risk From 10 yuan

Product Features: The fund selects high-quality listed companies in the consumer goods industry to invest, and under the premise of strictly controlling risks, strives to obtain an investment return that exceeds the performance benchmark.


Nearly 2 years

Invesco Great Wall Energy Infrastructure Mix 260112 Buy now

Hybrid                                             Medium to high risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product features: Mainly investing in China's energy and infrastructure construction related industry chain opportunities, the investment characteristics are clear, in line with the main line of economic work in the second half of the year, the proportion of infrastructure allocation is higher, followed by banks, and then insurance.


Nearly 1 year

Jiahe Stone C 001572 Buy now

Hybrid                                             Medium to high risk From 1000 yuan

Product features: The main investment in the same industry deposits, strict control of risks, preferred investment targets, the top 10% of similar rankings in March.


Nearly 2 years

ICBC Financial Real Estate Mix 000251 Buy now

Hybrid                                             Medium to high risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product features: The longest-lasting financial real estate theme fund, with high performance stability and good long-term returns, has obvious excess returns for the CSI 300. The fund manager has a long working life and high returns during the employment period.


Nearly 2 years

Huaan strategy optimal mix 040008 Buy now

Hybrid                                             Medium to high risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product Features: Morningstar's five-star rating, insisting on stocks with stable fundamentals, strong core competitiveness, and reasonable stock valuations, the elasticity may be greater under market conditions.


Nearly March

Southern Bank ETF Connection A 004597 Buy now

Connection fund                                             high risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product features: The bank stocks report exceeded expectations and the profitability is improving. It is expected to wait for the valuation to be repaired. The financial sector such as bank insurance will gradually heat up in the second half of the year.


Nearly 1 week

Tianhong CSI Computer Index A 001629 Buy now

Stock index                                             high risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product Features: From the bottom up, the investment ideas continue to find high-quality companies with strong barriers and excellent entrepreneurial spirit, sharing China's consumption upgrades and economic growth.


Nearly 2 years

E Fund SSE 50 Index A 110003 Buy now

Stock index                                             high risk Starting from 100 yuan

Product Features: 2017 annual return is ranked first in the same category, flexible and over-matched with food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, enjoying the industry's excess returns.

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