Fund Research

No. Fund code Fund abbreviation Stage income Recommended reason
1 000404 E-Fangda's new growth and flexible deployment Nearly one year 26.86%                                             Look forward to the future development of high-precision fields, precision manufacturing, medical products...
2 000619 Oriental Red Industrial Upgrade Blend Nearly one year 33.58%                                             Won the 2017 "China Fund Industry Bull Award", near...
3 519008 Huitianfu advantage selection Nearly one year 28.17%                                             Select companies that have a core competitive advantage in the industry and enjoy...
4 519195 Wanjia quality Nearly one year 29.24%                                             Based on the improvement of the quality of life of residents, the selection is directly supported by...
5 002340 Rich country mix of value advantages Nearly one year 21.57%                                             Insist on value investment and discover excellent investment targets.
6 519712 Interbank Alpha Core Mix Nearly one year 26.06%                                             Combining fundamental management tools such as multi-factor indicators to quantify...
The Tiantian Fund Research Center consists of a group of professionals who have been engaged in investment research in funds, stocks, and financial engineering for many years. Adhering to the spirit of “professionalism, objectivity and fairness”, we adhere to completely independent, objective research and analysis, and are guided by the needs of investors to provide investors with high-quality fund management solutions and recommendations.
                        Based on the research methods of a large number of foreign funds, combined with the actual situation in the domestic market, the Tiantian Fund Research Center has created a unique 3G research system, a system-to-individual, qualitative quantitative method combined with research methods. Starting from this source, we use quantitative indicators to screen, and through field research on fund companies and fund managers, build a pool of funds. Through the in-depth study of the macroeconomic and securities markets, we have formulated proposals for the allocation of major assets. Finally, in combination with the customer's own assets and needs, the fund products that meet the customer's risk preferences and characteristics are selected to help customers achieve the purpose of wealth preservation and appreciation.
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