Fund Research

No. Fund code Fund abbreviation Stage income Recommended reason
1 000127 Agricultural Banking Leading Mix Nearly one year 20.76%                                             Continuously received a rating of four stars or more to optimize the quality of the same industry...
2 519732 Bank of Communications pays double-interest at regular intervals Nearly one year 33.58%                                             Morningstar five-star rating fund, performance long-term stability in the forefront.
3 001927 Huaxia consumption upgrades flexible configuration Nearly one year 15.01%                                             Continually gaining funds to favor and outperform the index.
4 001631 Tianhong Zhongguo Food and Drink Index Nearly one year 21.84%                                             Closely follow the CSI Food & Beverage Index, since its establishment in the same category...
5 005112 Yinhua Zhongzheng refers to medical hygiene Near June 18.84%                                             Strive to exceed the investment returns of the underlying index, since 18 years...
6 001542 Cathay Internet + Stock Nearly one year 16.49%                                             Focus on the valuation and performance of food and beverages, home appliances and finance...
The Tiantian Fund Research Center consists of a group of professionals who have been engaged in investment research in funds, stocks, and financial engineering for many years. Adhering to the spirit of “professionalism, objectivity and fairness”, we adhere to completely independent and objective research and analysis, and are guided by the needs of investors to provide investors with high-quality fund management solutions and recommendations.
                        Based on the research method of a large number of foreign funds, combined with the actual situation in the domestic market, the Tiantian Fund Research Center has created a unique 3G research system, a system-to-individual, qualitative qualitative method combined with research methods. Starting from this source, we use quantitative indicators to screen, and through field research on fund companies and fund managers, build a pool of funds. Through the in-depth study of the macroeconomic and securities markets, we have formulated proposals for the allocation of major assets. Finally, in combination with the customer's own assets and needs, the fund products that meet the customer's risk preferences and characteristics are selected to help customers achieve the purpose of wealth preservation and appreciation.
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