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100 yuan, the investment stock market, bond market income considerable
New Mixed EconomyNearly six months124.44%buy
Benefit BondsNearly six months98.90%buy
Zhong Xin Xin thinking mixed ANearly six months70.59%buy

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Every day, the Fund Research Center consists of a group of professionals engaged in investment research, such as fund, stock and financial engineering for many years. We adhering to the "professional, objective and fair" spirit, adhere to a completely independent and objective research and analysis to investor demand-oriented, to provide investors with high quality and suitable fund management plan and recommendations.
                        On the basis of drawing on a large number of foreign research methods, combined with the actual situation of the domestic market, every day the fund research center has created a unique 3G research system, from the system to the individual, qualitative and quantitative methods of combining research methods. From the origin, to quantify the target screening, and through the fund companies and fund managers of the field research, build a pool of funds. Through the macroeconomic and securities market in-depth study, the development of major categories of asset allocation recommendations. Finally, combined with the customer's own assets and needs, screening out in line with customer risk preferences and characteristics of the fund products to help customers achieve the purpose of wealth preservation and appreciation.
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