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Note: Android download support: Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other Android models.

The Tiantian Fund App downloads the QR code—the smartphone user can choose to download it by opening WeChat “Scan” or other software scan with the QR code function.
                        Download method: Open WeChat “sweep” or other software scan with the function of scanning QR code, you can download Tiantian Fund App;

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Everyday Fund App helps you keep abreast of opportunities to make money

Tiantian Fund App Hot Focus Module provides investors with the most timely market hotspot scanning, enveloping authoritative information, boutique topics, hot topics and other blocks to help investors grasp the industry dynamics in real time.
The Tiantian Fund App Popularity Module provides investors with the professional analysis of the hottest sectors in the industry, and surprises the screening of theme funds to help investors quickly find the fund products that are most concerned about the sector.
Tiantian Fund App features a list of modules, the application of big data for investors to multi-dimensional display of fund performance, rating and other aspects of ranking, to facilitate investors to select more excellent fund products in all aspects.
Investment saves money

Whole market--Fund rate is 1% off

More surprise offers are available in the Tian Fund App

Tiantian Fund App Wealth: Direct access to professional institutions, allowing investors and institutions to be closer, and fund managers and institutions are within reach. Wealth number can receive a surprise red envelope, investment is more economical; Tiantian Fund App envelopes more than 5,600 funds in the whole market, the subscription fee is 1% off, and the investment will earn more.
Tools are smarter

Index valuation -10 seconds to grasp the valuation of the whole market index
Tracking the daily limit stocks - stocks can not buy in the daily limit

Every day, the fund app has more smart tools to add to your investment.

Tiantian Fund App's new tool—tracking the daily limit stocks, intelligently screening the funds on the trading day, and the stocks can't buy the stocks. You can buy them by the corresponding funds. The new tools of the Tianyuan App – index valuation, big data synthesis The main index of the market is public information. According to the high or low P/E ratio, the index is overvalued or undervalued, which is convenient for investors to choose index funds.
More convenient communication

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Everyday Fund App lets you chat about hotspots anytime, anywhere

Everyday Fund App - Super Popularity Finance Community Fund, star big V, investment people gather to share their financial management, market hotspots, investment experience chat anywhere, anytime.
Everyday Fund App - hot topic, fresh topic, hot discussion, nourishment book, let you share your opinions from time to time.
Tiantian Fund AppAs a safe and reliable fund management software, it is committed to providing investors with high-quality one-stop financial management services, which is very popular among investors. inTiantian Fund AppInvesting in the fund, Minsheng Bank has supervised the security of the transaction funds throughout the whole process, insisting on the funds in and out of the card, closed-loop operation, and no outflow risk. In order to facilitate investors to obtain all-round financial services anytime and anywhere, we innovate for the characteristics of the mobile version, provide more and better financial tools, just to make investors easier to manage.
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The accumulated sales volume of the fund is over---100 million yuan

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More products
More than 5,600 funds
Easy investment at home and abroad
Special cost
Buying rate is 1% off
Investing 100,000 yuan can save up to 1761.18 yuan
Capital turnover is particularly fast
Redeem 1 working day to the account
Inter-fund company mutual transfer T+1 day confirmation
Very good service
7*24 hour trading
365 days customer support is uninterrupted