Top fund earned in June

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GEM in the continuous collapse, a large number of listed companies issued holdings announcement, industrial capital has been recognized the current valuation of GEM stocks level. Index contract IC1507 after a few days limit, the empty side of the power has been concentrated vent. The market is also appeared at the same time oversold signal, with the rescue policy has been introduced, the GEM stocks or will be the first to benefit, oversold bounce will also be along the Internet, industrial 4.0 varieties of orderly start.

Fund allocation strategy

Bull strategy: 20% active treasure, 20% bond funds, 30% equity funds, 30% index funds.

Balance the city strategy: 30% active treasure, 40% bond funds, 30% equity funds.

Bear market strategy: 50% demand treasure, 30% bond funds, 20% high-quality stock funds.

Stock fund trading method

Pyramid buying method:In the process of market callback, buy equity funds can be used to buy the pyramid method, for example: the capital is divided into six, buy 1, buy 2, buy 3 copies. Take the opposite approach when selling.

Pyramid buying method

Win the law:In the process of rising the market, you can take a batch buy method, buy, if there is a certain profit, you can add the same funds. So to prevent the high to buy too many positions. Figure:

Win the law

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