Popular funds earned nearly a year

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Guotai Junan pointed out that the index is expected to reach new heights under the impact of over-expected economy, mitigation of financial shock, expected policy warming and accelerating international standards.

Focus on the theme of four main lines:

1) The total amount of insurance, make up the short board, focusing on recommended Rail Transit, environmental protection equipment, high-speed rail, nuclear power plate;

2) TMT in manufacturing industry, key recommendation of industrial transfer, 5G, chip localization, new energy vehicles, and apple industry chain;

3) Industrial relocation, focusing on the traditional machinery-related segments benefiting from the double bonus of "market expansion + preemption of international shares";

4) Restructuring of elements, focusing on the Belt and Road, military and civilian integration, state-owned enterprise reform and housing leasing.

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Fund allocation strategy

Bull Strategy: 20% active treasure, 20% bond funds, 30% equity funds, 30% index funds.

Balance City Strategy: 30% live treasure, 40% bond funds, 30% equity funds.

Bear strategy: 50% active treasure, 30% bond funds, 20% high-quality equity funds.

Stock fund trading methods

Pyramid buying method:In the market callback process, buy equity funds can be bought using the pyramid method, for example: divide the funds into 6, first buy 1, buy 2, buy 3 again. Take the opposite approach when selling.

Pyramid buying method

Winning chase law:In the process of rising in the market, you can take the batch buy method, buy, if there is a certain profit, you can add the same funds. So to prevent high buy too many positions. As shown:

Take the victory chase law

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