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Anxin Fund Baoying Fund Boshi Fund Changan Fund Great Wall Fund Changsheng Fund Debon Dacheng Fund Oriental Fund East China Sea Soochow Fund Fu Anda Fund Wells Fargo Fund Everbright Pramerica GF Fund Franklin the sea National Gold General Fund Taifu open country League of Nations security China Life Insurance Cathay Pacific Fund UBS SDIC ICBC Credit Suisse Sea Fortis Fund Hua An Fund Fortune Societe Generale Hua Chen future Wah Fu Fund Chinese Business Fund China Resources Yuanda Huatai Bairui Huaxia Fund HSBC Jin credit fund Huitianfu Fund Hongta red soil Harvest Fund Jianxin Fund Jin Yuan benefit rationale Bank of Communications Fund Golden Eagle Fund Invesco Great Wall Minsheng plus silver fund Morgan Stanley Huaxin South Fund New York fund Agricultural Bank of China settlement Lion Fund Penghua Fund Pu silver fund Qianhai open source Rongtong Fund On Morgan SWS Fund TEDA Manulife Fund Thai letter funds Celestica Fund Heavenly Fund Wan fund Fidelity Fund Cinda Austin Fund Xinhua Fund Industrial Global E Fund Fund Yimin Fund Yuen Fung letter Galaxy Fund Yinhua Fund Great Britain Fund China Merchants Fund Zheshang Fund China Sea Fund Central European Fund China Post Fund

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ICBC Agricultural Bank of China Bank of China China Construction Bank Bank of Communications China Merchants Bank CITIC Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Industrial Bank Everbright Bank Minsheng Bank Postal Savings Bank Shanghai Bank Ping An Bank HSBC Bank