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Free money management, survival period treasure, large amount of wealth management, unlimited purchase

 The current life treasure is a current account of the investment optimization currency fund created by Tiantian Fund. The annual 7-day annualized rate of return is up to 3-6%! As of June 30, 2018, the accumulated sales of Tianshi Fund's live treasure products exceeded12,000 billion yuan.The monthly premium is high, the recharge is 0, the cash is charged at 7X24 hours, the fastest withdrawal is 1 second, and the single currency fund can be quickly cashed out for less than 10,000 yuan (the current money-related money fund has reached 27). ). 立即体验活期宝>>>

 Tiantian Fund Network has many products, fast transactions, good service and low rate! Minsheng Bank guarantees the security of trading funds throughout the entire process!

Current Treasure Fund

-- Up to 7 days annualization



Per 10,000 revenue--yuan

Instant recharge

7-year annualized rate of return Per 10,000 proceeds (yuan) Fund name operating
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Live treasure function introduction

• High-yield: historical 7-day annualized income up to 3-6%

Recharge the "live treasure", the historical seven-day annualized rate of return is up to 3-6%, and the current treasure supports the recharge of many high-quality money funds. Every day, weekends and holidays are no exception, and the benefits can be seen every day.

• Super convenient: fast withdrawals up to 1 second to the account

The current treasure can be quickly cashed out without leaving the household. Compared with other traditional trading channels, the T+1 redemption confirms the account payment method. The quick withdrawal of the current treasure is as fast as 1 second, and the single currency fund can quickly withdraw cash within a single day without exceeding 10,000 yuan. 27)).

• Low threshold: Lifetime investment is only $100

The investment threshold for the current treasure is as low as 100 yuan, and the current treasure is recharged and the cash rate is zero.

• Security: Minsheng Bank secures transaction funds throughout the process

Financial management requires both professionalism and safety! Investors in the daily fund network to recharge the live treasure, security issues are also not to worry, there is a Minsheng Bank as a regulatory bank to ensure the security of trading funds throughout the process. The trading funds follow the same card entry and exit principle, closed-loop operation, and the investor's personal funds have a high safety factor.

• One-click transfer: the fund of the current treasure is changed at will, and the income is uninterrupted and the investment is more flexible.

The popular feature of the current treasure "one-click mutual transfer" is ready to help you lock in higher returns. Investors can convert low-yielding money funds at any time into high-yield money funds over the same period. Compared with the previous conversion method of redemption and re-purchase, the “one-click mutual transfer” function can save 2-3 days. Investors can change funds more flexibly, and earn more revenue through uninterrupted mutual exchange. The funds have a gap period. The fee is free, the income is uninterrupted, and the free money is earned.

Recharge the current treasure to enjoy the convenience of the current 7 * 24 hours at any time to withdraw cash, the fastest 1 second to arrive in real time.

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Free money management, survival period treasure, large amount of wealth management, unlimited purchase, scan QR code to download "Tiantian Fund App"

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Disclaimer: The yield data is for reference only. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate on this basis at their own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.