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Time: 2018 Tiantian Fund Research Center

                 Judging from the performance of the capital market since the beginning of 2018, the GEM in the equity market refers to a single show, such as the Shanghai Composite Index, the Shanghai 50 Index, and the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index. All have seen a significant decline; 2017 is for the Baima Blue Chip. It is said that it is a year for valuation recovery, and buying leading stocks in the industry can obtain reasonable excess returns, but this strategy has not applied this year at least. For 2018, there are two things to note: First, it is expected that the valuation increase of large-cap stocks is relatively limited, more likely to be driven by performance; second, the ultimate style of last year's big-to-small vote interpretation is hard to re-emerge this year. Convergence will occur.

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