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November corn price market can reproduce the October glory

November 09, 2018 08:02
source: Pig price net
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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The joy of October is still in the aftertaste. The happy event in November is approaching. Just in the beginning of the month, the north of China is rainy and rainy. The weather forecast has about one week of rain. The main grain producing areas are not on the high side, and the price increases are obvious. In October, it rose by 8 points to see how much it will rise in November.

Every winter, rain and snow are the main factors for the price increase. In the past, the northeast corn could not pass. The drying tower built in North China was a gambling weather. It was not opened for three years. It was opened for three years. I don’t remember whether it was 14 years or 15 years. Half a month of rain and snow, the car lined up in front of the drying tower door can not be installed for two or three days, and the grain of the drying tower is installed for one month to earn a tower of money. Crazy in the second year of the year, profits are commonplace. It is generally good for two years and two years to see how the gas is this winter?

In November, the price increase was not much. The corn stored in the National Day has been sold in October. Many of the foodstuffs have not received the goods. Now the price is not worth the inventory, and the market has a double loss. Enterprises do not have safety stocks, traders, food stocks do not have large inventory guarantees, the weather is not good, the goods are not received or the market receipts are less than the amount of enterprises, even if the company is skyrocketing, there are not many foods to follow the fortune, most I can only see that I can’t make it, and the real profit is given back.Common peopleFor our food porters, it is more difficult to work, it is more difficult to handle the price fluctuations, there is no clear price guidance, you can only lose the middle of the day, how much can be done, how can it be done? Put in the earned, remember that the price fluctuated in 16 years, the customer said that in October, earned 20,000, lost 30,000 in November, it is better not to do it! If the market is not clear, look at it and do less!

At the beginning of November, what you can see is mainly the upswing, where the top can't be seen. In the last 3-7 days, it is mainly based on the increase. It can't be seen at the end of the month. The grain points in stock are reasonable according to their own stock, site and funds. planning!

From the point of view of food, does it not improve in November?

(Article source: Pig Price Network)

                (Editor: DF381)

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