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Rare! "Diang Niang" search for "futures" platform and found out one of it

March 15, 2019 07:58
source: Futures daily

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[Rare! "Tiang Niang" search "Futures" platform even found out one of it] After yesterday's close, Xiao Ming went to check the details of the position announced by the exchange on the day, he used "Diang Niang" (private name, officially called Baidu) searched " The Shanghai Futures Exchange, unexpectedly and unexpectedly, gave him a strong interest in the bundling of the interests of "Dian Niang" and this "futures". (Futures Daily)

After yesterday's close, Xiao Ming went to check the details of the position announced by the exchange on the same day. He used the "Tang Niang" (private name, officially called Baidu) to search for "Shanghai Futures Exchange", which was unexpected and unexpected. As a result, he has a strong interest in the bundling of the interests of “Tiang Niang” and this “futures”.

Subsequently, Xiao Ming successively searched the Dalian Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange, showing that the full screen is a variety of futures trading platforms.

As for the display results of "Tiang Niang", Xiao Ming and "Peasing the Melon" have long been known. Whoever gives the money will hang forward and go forward. Anyway, click on it, the financial resources are rolling, "Tiang Niang" is happy to do this! The mainland's four major futures exchanges are estimated to have not paid for the "Tang Niang", and the results can only be ranked behind the above-mentioned "futures platform" God of Wealth!

Xiao Ming thought that compared with the "one trillion" securities market that has been sold in recent days, although the futures market is less money, it is also a piece of meat. The futures business of "Tang Niang" is in full swing!

Xiao Ming quickly opened a "futures platform" for Baidu's bidding rankings, and the enthusiastic customer service girl (and possibly the lords, this probability is even greater) immediately sent a cordial greeting:

Subsequently, the customer service recommended Xiaoming's “Xinfeng” futures platform, and online guidance on how to install and how to operate, including not limited to trading varieties, trading methods, trading models and how to enter and exit. It also provides a detailed list of various exchanges, varieties, and trading hours that the “Xinfeng” platform can represent. (Is it more professional and dedicated than some domestic futures companies?)

In this process, no ID card is required, no need to signcontractNo video recording, no risk disclosure, no need for an exam, no need to test 90 points, no minimum funding threshold of 100,000, just a mobile phone number, only one verification code, Xiao Ming easily registered an account :Yes, you are not mistaken, it is indeed "registration"! The "registration system" of the securities market - the science and technology board has not yet come out, the "Xinfeng" futures platform has taken the lead in implementing the "registration system", of course, it is only for the majority of small and medium investors.

Xiao Ming thought that the commodity options such as white sugar, soybean meal and rubber that are currently listed on the domestic exchanges are examinations, video recordings, and minimum capital restrictions. While improving the structure of investors in the futures market, it is also a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. Investors have left the formal futures market? This answer should be yes.

Xiao Ming uses the mobile phone number to subsequently register an account. The entry page is as follows:

As you can clearly see from the home page, this page clearly lists the various varieties that can be traded, including the Hang Seng Index, US crude oil, rubber, rebar and sugar. The bottom line of the font reminds Xiao Ming again: the transaction was successfully docked by the previous issue, the big business office, the CICC, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the New Deal. Xiao Ming thought, I don’t know if the big business office and Zheng Shang said that I would be angry. There is no big business in the above, but I wrote the gold signboard of the big business office. I clearly have the sugar of Zhengshang, but there is no Mention Zheng Shang Institute! "Xinfeng" futures this is obviously discriminating! (Recommended Zhengshang Institute to find Xinfeng Futures Platform!)

On the actual trading page, Xiao Ming saw the price trend of the US crude oil, which is basically consistent with the market data transmitted by Bo Yi Master in real time.

Understand the process, familiar with the page, Xiao Ming was in detail to consult the "Xinfeng" futures customer girl how to trade specifically, the customer service's answer makes Xiaoming instantly messy, IQ is obviously not enough.

After listening to the introduction of the customer service, Xiao Ming understands that the order should be placed directly with the “Xinfeng” futures APP. When the order is placed, the platform will use the RMB balance in the Xiaoming account to offset the deposit. Then, the futures platform automatically puts the RMB in the Xiaoming account. In accordance with the ratio of 1:7, or other ways to convert into US dollars, and then buy the "US crude oil" in the New York company (the platform title, the same below)!

At this point, Xiao Ming’s mind is full of doubts: Which platform does the list go to? How to look at the return on the transaction? Is it really down to the futures consolidation platform of New Zealand? How is the US dollar used to trade US crude oil exchanged? How is it sent to the New York Stock Exchange platform? (Detailed content, please pay attention to the futures daily newspaper WeChat March 14 article "huge loss of 5 million, or funded ... this "intellectual tax" is a bit expensive")

In this regard, Xiao Ming is also a bit confused!

Xiao Ming did not expect that the search futures exchange actually found out the "Xinfeng" futures platform, but did not expect that the "Xiang Niang" bidding ranking also ranked the "Xinfeng" futures platform so high, keen to invest in such platforms. The vast majority of investors have been so confused that the "Xinfeng" futures platform and "Tiang Niang" have been harvested together!

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(Article source: Futures Daily)

                (Editor: DF318)

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