Oriental Fortune Service
CodenameLatest price5 minutes ups and downs
600112Tiancheng Holdings4.803.90%
000957Zhongtong Bus5.962.58%
Professional financial management: the first sales organizations approved by the CSRC
Safe Finance: Minsheng Bank Supervision, funds in and out of the card
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  • China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index Nearly 3 years 97.48%
  • National Thai Certificate Food and Beverage Industry Index Classification Nearly 3 years 71.19%
  • E Fund Consumer Industry Nearly 3 years 69.43%
The brokerage asset management net profit ranking came: Dongfanghong made a big profit of 940 million can only rank second. The most profitable is actually TA mad earned 1.3 billion! 15:15There is another tax cut on the weekend! The State Administration of Taxation clarifies that the VAT small-scale taxpayer reduction arrangement 15:05Fighting a lot of response vulnerabilities: faster than 薅 wool is the speed of the spread of "20 billion yuan" rumors 15:00Don't just stare at gold! This product has been re-elected as the "king of precious metals" for 18 years. 14:53Guizhou 2019 highway traffic mileage will strive to break through 7,000 kilometers 14:53African swine fever epidemic occurred in Yongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 14:52Over 90% of the equity fund's weekly net value rose by up to 5.11% 14:49Self-proclaimed to fight a lot of programmers: 100 yuan coupon is a test coupon has been talked 14:48With a hedging tool, don't you have to worry about bond explosions? The fund manager said... 14:45Investment, box office, and endorsements have been hit hard. How much is Wu Xiubo’s “calling his ex-girlfriend”? 14:42I don’t cry too much. The rivers and lakes of wool are too deep. 14:37High-energy environment: joint winning bid of more than 90 million yuan 14:30Merkel: German-French cooperation will inject momentum into European integration 14:30Jiang Chao: Risk appetite picks up 14:30“A lot of fights” was smashed by 20 billion tons of wool overnight? The source said that "the loss is tens of millions" 14:27More and more major vulnerabilities! 4 cents can recharge 100 yuan or 20 billion 14:2698% of netizens saw fake news last year, but high-quality news reports are still the favorite. 14:25Fight a lot of responses to major bugs: Vulnerabilities have been fixed and reported 14:24Beijing Boating 14:20Haitong Macro Jiang Chao: A-shares swept down last year and are now a historic opportunity to invest in China 14:20
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January 20, 2019 12:30:00
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Fund name Performance benchmark Operation period
 **** Runfu 6 4.70% 21 days Details
 **** Fund A2 4.30% 7 days Details
 **** No. 46 4.50% 119 days Details
nameLatest priceQuote changeRise and fall
Batian shares 3.38 10.10% 0.31
Jiaozuo Wanfang 4.47 10.10% 0.41
Hongda Mining 4.47 10.10% 0.41
Hongda shares 2.63 10.04% 0.24
Shun Yu shares 5.04 10.04% 0.46
Zhongrun Resources 3.18 10.03% 0.29
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Long and empty
Friday, January 18, 2019
Stop trading cards: Continuous suspension10Family New suspension today4Family Resumption of trading today0Family
Annual report quarterly: Performance report0Family Performance forecast38Family Dividend transfer0Family
IPO issuance: New share subscription0Family Signed payment2Family IPO0Family
Changes in shares: Directional issuance3Family Additional plan9Family Stock listing40Family
Shareholders' meeting: Equity registration51Family General meeting of shareholders62Family Online voting62Family
important Notice: Asset restructuring37Family Asset acquisition3Family Share pledge31Family
Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Payment date
01-23730928Xi'an Bank
01-23002947Heng Mingda
02-13300758Colorful chemistry22.0902-15
datenameBuy and sellDragon and Tiger List soldNet buy
01-18Makino566 million3.08 billion258 million
01-18Roberto1.38 billion6506.19 million7327.75 million
01-18Yujing91.56 million266.67 million6455.01 million
date name Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
01-19Qianhe Weiye0.7412.82%66.60%
01-19Ningbo Port0.2220.57%7.40%
01-17Wujiang Bank0.5515.57%9.73%
Daily ranking
5th ranking
20th ranking
Total ranking
Combination nameDaily income5-day earnings20-day earningsTotal revenue
2019 bull market can12.56%44.06%31.56%31.56%
Cast 1611.65%6.49%1.49%-81.21%
CodenameLatest price (HKD)Quote change
02202Vanke Enterprise28.6005.15%
02628China Life Insurance19.1003.69%
00700Tencent Holdings337.0001.75%
00001Long and79.2001.21%
00857China Petroleum Stock5.0501.20%
nameLatest priceRise and fallQuote change
Jiayuan International Holdings 4.400 1.880 74.60%
Wanshun Group Holdings 0.400 0.135 50.94%
Rentian Technology Holdings 0.022 0.006 37.50%
Fuyu Holdings 0.080 0.020 33.33%
Sunshine 100 China 1.700 0.390 29.77%
Fei Ni Holdings 2.650 0.560 26.79%
CodenameLatest price (USD)Quote change
JRJC financial 1.110 11.00%
ACH China Aluminum 9.290 7.40%
NOAH Noah Wealth 48.830 6.90%
BZUN Baozun E-commerce 33.290 6.26%
CCM Taihe Cheng Medical 3.180 6.00%
SGOC Shangwei Group 1.090 5.83%
Shanghai Stock Connect Net inflow of the day5.337 billion Current day balance46.663 billion
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Net inflow of the day3.506 billion Current day balance48.494 billion
Northbound funds Net inflow of the day8.843 billion
Variety contract Latest price Quote change
IF continues in the next quarter IFXJLX 3176.0 1.61%
IH is continuous every other season IHGJ 2424.0 1.59%
IH continues in the next season IHXJ 2421.2 1.57%
IF continues next month IFXYLX 3170.0 1.49%
name Latest price Rise and fall Quote change
USD/JPY 109.77 0.53 0.48%
US dollar against Singapore dollar 1.3587 0.0032 0.24%
USD/DKK 6.5694 0.0153 0.23%
USD/CHF 0.9956 0.0013 0.13%
Code Abbreviation Latest price Quote change
019218 12 national debt 18 105.50 0.48%
019531 16 Treasury Bond 03 100.60 0.45%
019528 15 national debt 28 101.30 0.40%
019517 15 national debt 17 103.00 0.18%
019508 15 National Debt 08 104.93 0.15%
010504 05 national debt (4) 104.41 0.12%
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of return100,000 profitOccupancy days
1 day period GC001 2.70% 6.3973 1 Lend
2 days GC002 2.66% 5.2740 1 Lend
3 days GC003 2.60% 4.1233 1 Lend
4 days GC004 2.61% 10.3014 2 Lend
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of returnThousand yuan profitOccupancy days
1 day R-001 2.55% 0.0599 1 Lend
2 days R-002 2.35% 0.0444 1 Lend
3 days R-003 2.45% 0.0371 1 Lend
4 days R-004 2.50% 0.0970 2 Lend
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -22.88% 0.15% buy
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -14.43% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -22.88% 0.15% buy
China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stock -7.12% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -14.43% 0.15% buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix 1.09% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhanced -24.03% 0.12% buy
China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index -24.22% 0.10% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Penghua Fortress Bond (LOF) 11.11% 0.00% buy
Yi Fangda reassured bond A -6.12% 0.08% buy
Fund abbreviation 7th annualization Subscription rate
Southern Tianli Currency B 3.3980% 0.00% buy
Penghua Tianlibao Currency 3.1390% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
ICBC Global Configuration -4.63% 0.16% buy
Rich country China small and medium-sized mix -16.14% 0.15% buy