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Major European stock indexes rose and fell, auto and retail stocks fell

January 11, 2019 01:50
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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Oriental Fortune Network reported on the 11th that major European stock indexes were mixed, with auto and retail stocks leading the decline. At the close, the European STOXX 50 index closed up about 0.17%. The UK's FTSE 100 index closed up 0.52% to 6,942.87. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.16% to 4805.66 points. The German DAX 30 index closed up 0.26% at 10921.59 points.

The UK stock market closed higher on Thursday, with rising sectors such as electrical, food and pharmaceutical retailers and forestry and paper leading the stock index higher. The number of stocks on the London Stock Exchange rose by 1098 to 972, while 286 stocks were unchanged and were basically unchanged.

German stocks were mixed on Thursday, with rising sectors such as food and beverages, insurance and utilities leading the stocks higher; at the same time, falling stocks, media and transportation and logistics sectors led to lower stock indexes. The 371 stocks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange rose, the number of stocks surpassed the number of low-end stocks - 325, while 80 stocks did not rise and fall, basically unchanged.

The French stock market was lower on Thursday, with falling sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals, natural gas and water and banks leading the stock index lower. The number of stocks on the Paris Stock Exchange rose by 329 to 249, and 85 stocks were unchanged and were basically unchanged.

In the case of individual stocks, Intu Properties PLC (LON:INTUP) stocks fell to a record low, down 3.36%; Fresenius (DE:FREG) closed up 2.01%; Maisons du Monde SAS (PA:MDM), closed It rose by 10.61%.

  Economic data

France's industrial output in November was -1.3%, expected 0%, and the previous value of 1.2% was revised to 1.3%. France's industrial output in November was -2.1%, expected -0.2%, and the previous value of -0.7% was revised to -0.6%.

France's manufacturing output in November was -1.4%, expected 0.4%, and the previous value was 1.4%. France's manufacturing output in November was -2.2% year-on-year, with the previous value of -1.3% revised to -1.1%.

Italy's November retail sales were 1.6% year-on-year, with a previous value of 1.5%.

  European stock focus

  Summary of the ECB's December meeting: Fundamental factors support current economic development

On the evening of Thursday (January 10), the European Central Bank announced the minutes of the December meeting. The minutes show that fundamental factors support the current economic development, and forward-looking guidance is the basic tool. ECB officials agreed that the downward revision of their 2019 growth forecast would itself acknowledge an increase in the risk of the eurozone's economic outlook.

About the euro zonecurrencyPolicy expectations, survey results and market-based evidence all indicate expectations of the ECB’s first rate hike and subsequent short-terminterest rateExpectations for future trends have regressed; the latest trade indicators have sent a mixed signal, but generally showed signs of widespread stabilization; in the external environment, global growth has slowed and global trade growth has stabilized.

  How to hedge the risk of voting on the Brexit agreement next week? This investment bank has a coup!

On January 15th, the pound is likely to face a new round of riots, and investors have begun to look for ways to prevent currency fluctuations. A foreign investment bank found an excellent risk hedging tool. According to media reports, the British Parliament began a new round of five-day debate on the draft Brexit agreement this week to prepare for the draft on the 15th. The controversial amendment on the 9th was passed again, which put the British Prime Minister at greater risk.

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