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Trudeau won the Golden Pig Waste Award in 2019 Where did the taxpayer's money go?

March 15, 2019 02:01
source: FX168

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Canada's Lohas reported on Thursday (March 14) that on March 13, 2019, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation announced the 2019 Teddy Government Waste Awards.

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Canadian Federal Prime Minister Trudeau was awarded the "golden sows" for his $1.6 million visit to India. In addition, the former Canadian Chinese Governor Wu Bingzhi, who has been in office for more than a decade, received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for spending at least $100,000 a year.

  Trudeau won the Golden Pig Award

Aaron Wudrick, President of the Canadian Taxpayers Alliance, personally hosted the "Awarding Ceremony". He said that after the discussion, the "Judges Committee" felt that the 2019 award was not for Prime Minister Trudeau's trip to India.

In February 2018, Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to India, in addition to constantly changing clothes and dancing in public, cost the taxpayer 1.6 million yuan. Looking at the government's published accounts, a huge amount of overhead is shocking, such as:

Hotel accommodation costs 320,000 yuan, aircraft costs 480,000 yuan, mobile phone costs 5,000 yuan, and spend 170,000 yuan to bring Vancouver chef Vikram Vij to India, where a meeting for a senior Canadian official in New Delhi and a formal reception dinner.

Xiaobian thinks that the 2018 Canadian federal government deficit is as high as 19 billion yuan!

  The BC Government and Vancouver Tourism Board also won awards

The provincial level waste award was awarded to the BC government because the former parliamentary secretary Craig James and the guard Gary Lenz James used tens of thousands of public funds for overseas travel and personal expenses such as buying gifts, Clothes, headphones and suitcases.

When traveling overseas, the two often have repeated phenomena on the declared travel items. For example, they meet with the same person in different parts of the world in a year and discuss repeated topics.

What is gratifying to the taxpayers is that they have been suspended since they abused the public funds and are currently under investigation and accusations.

The City Level Waste Award was obtained by the Vancouver Parks Authority. In 2018, the bureau advertised, inviting residents to send greetings to the trees, and hired someone to reply on behalf of the trees. This hilarious project cost more than 50,000 yuan in public funds.

After reading this, Xiaobian knows where our taxpayers’ money is coming!

Arthur's Classroom: The Teddy Government Waste Awards of the Canadian Taxpayers' Union was founded in 1999 and has been awarded 21 consecutive sessions. Every year, the Taxpayers’ Union reviews the spending of all levels of government and identifies the “leaders” who waste taxpayer money.

(Article source: FX168)

                (Editor: DF392)

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