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Netease koala Canada Goose identified as genuine? Line lady responded

March 15, 2019 05:09
source: IT House

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On March 14th, Ms. Line had a result in the complaint against the Netease Koala in the Hangzhou Binjiang Market Supervision Department. Pan Jie, director of the Consumer Protection Center of Binjiang District Market Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou, revealed to the media thatThe Canadian Goose Down Jacket is certified to be produced by the Canada Goose Company.. For this news,Netease Koala said "deeply gratified"For the past three months, I apologize for the confusion and doubts caused by the real and false disputes of the goods to consumers and the public.

However, in response to this result, Ms. Line responded by posting on Weibo.No formal written notice of the Binjiang Market Supervision Department has been received so far, and the report of this physical inspection has not been seen.

On January 3, Ms. Line complained that the Canadian goose down jacket sold by Netease Koala was replied to a fake by the official website, and she promised to fulfill her promise of paying a holiday. After several times of mail communication, the two sides have serious differences on the true and false goods.

  The following is the full text of Ms. Line’s response:

1. I have not received any formal written notice from the Binjiang Market Supervision Department so far.

2. In the past, both the true and the false have written reports and case numbers of the goose. At present, I have not seen the report of the physical test.

3. On Friday, I called Mr. Pan, who was supervised by the Binjiang market, to inquire about the incident. He told some information, but at the same time told me that if there is no case, there is no written document and it cannot be announced to the outside world. Therefore, I really don't know why this news will be available on the eve of the 315 that has not been closed.

4. In my complaint to the Binjiang market supervision, the true and false clothes are only one of the complaints. The various violations of consumer rights in the handling of the entire incident by Netease Koala are also the main points of complaints.

5. This incident has been three months since then, and the difficulty of safeguarding rights is believed to be obvious to everyone. On the occasion of 315, I hope that everyone can pay more attention to how to simplify the process of rights protection, in order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of our consumers.

  The following is the full response of Netease Koala:

1. We are very pleased with this result.

2. In the past three months, we apologize for the confusion and doubts caused by the real and false disputes of the goods to consumers and the public.

3. As a four-year e-commerce platform, it is still far from excellent standards. In the future, we will accept comments and suggestions from users in a more awe-inspiring attitude, and continuously improve and improve service levels.

4. The difficulty in cross-border commodity inspection has always been a pain point in cross-border areas. We will also continue to work hard to promote the establishment of a service mechanism. It also called on peers and relevant departments to jointly promote the establishment of domestic after-sales service institutions by well-known overseas brands, specializing in authentic identification, after-sales maintenance, etc., and endeavor to eliminate the pain points of Haitao identification.

5, please rest assured, Netease koala "authentic protection, fake one lost ten" commitment will not change, the initial focus of providing higher quality goods and services will not change.

(Article source: IT House)

                (Editor: DF392)

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