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Overnight trading: European and American stock markets rose and fell, gold prices fell more than 1% fell below the $ 1,300 mark

March 15, 2019 05:20
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Overnight outer disk] Europe and the United States stock market rose and fell, the Nasdaq, S&P ended three consecutive gains; the Chinese stocks excellent letter fell nearly 18%, the intraday giant shock nearly 40%; gold prices fell more than 1%, lost $ 1,300; according to Xinhua Net, the British Parliament voted to support the postponement of Brexit.

Eastern Fortune Network reported on the 15th that the major European stock indexes closed up. The three major stock indexes of the US stock market were mixed, and the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 index ended three consecutive gains. The stock index of the stock index fell nearly 18%, and the intraday giant shock nearly 40%. US bond yields and the US dollar rebounded. International gold prices fell more than 1% and fell below the $1,300 mark. The global economic slowdown offset the decline in crude oil production, and the US and the two oils were mixed. Among them, US oil closed for the fourth consecutive trading day.

It is noteworthy that Ma Yun and Cai Chongxin will sell Alibaba shares worth about 37 billion during the period from April 2019 to April 2020, which is said to be used for charity.

According to Xinhuanet, the lower house of the British Parliament voted on the 14th to support the United Kingdom to postpone "Brexit." According to Xinhuanet, the US Senate voted to block the state emergency statement, and Trump said it would veto the resolution.

  Outer disk overview

  US stocks' three major stock indexes closed up and down. China stocks' stock price fell nearly 18%

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In terms of technology stocks, Facebook closed down 1.85%. The company’s APP has recently experienced global downtime. In addition, the New York Times said that the company’s user data transactions are under criminal investigation; Twitter fell 0.86% and Naifei fell 0.66%. Google fell 0.65%; Apple rose more than 1%, Cowen gave it a new out-of-the-box rating; Tesla rose 0.35%. Chip stocks fell mostly, SMIC fell nearly 4%, Western Digital, AMD fell more than 2%.

In terms of the stocks, the company fell more than 17%, the intraday shock rate was close to 40%; Huami Technology fell more than 13%, Weilai Automobile fell 7.66%, Vipshop, fight more, iQiyi, Tiger teeth fell more than 2.5 %; Weibo, Momo, Tencent Music, and the gathering era fell more than 1%; Futu Securities rose nearly 11%, and the funny headline rose 2.77%.

  Major European stock indexes closed higher, the auto sector performed poorly

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On Thursday, European time, the major European stock indexes closed up. On the face of the market, auto stocks performed poorly.In terms of individual stocks, the Italian Defense Group closed up 13%, the biggest one-day gain in more than seven years, and recovered some of the decline since January 2018. Previously, the company said thatNet profitSignificant growth, sales growth in 2019. Lufthansa's decline was higher, eventually closing down 6.3%, the company reported that its fourth-quarter operating profit fell 11%.

  US bond yields, the dollar rose, the price of gold fell more than 1% and fell below the $1,300 mark.

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Analysts pointed out that the weaker gold was triggered by a sharp rebound in US bond yields. Subsequently, the rebound in demand for the US dollar put additional downward pressure on gold, and as gold fell below the psychological threshold of $1,000, it further exacerbated bearish pressure. The economic data released today in the United States has also failed to provide a breathing space for the gold bulls. With today's plunge, gold almost wiped out the gains in the week, and the subsequent downtrend may cause it to fall below the support of $1290.

  The global economic slowdown offsets the decline in production, and the US and the two oils closed up and down.

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Analysts pointed out that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)'s unswerving attitude to cut production and last week's US crude oil production fell back toOil priceProviding effective support, but the signs of a global economic slowdown and the uncertainty of Brexit are putting pressure on oil prices. In addition, the latest monthly report shows that OPEC crude oil production in February decreased by 221,000 barrels to 30.55 million barrels per day, of which Venezuela's production decline was more obvious, mainly due to US economic sanctions and domestic turmoil.

  Overnight news

  The US Senate passed a resolution to stop the "national state of emergency" Trump said it will veto the resolution

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution on the 14th to stop President Trump’s previously announced southern border into a "national state of emergency." Trump subsequently said that the resolution would be rejected. On the same day, the Senate passed the resolution with 59 votes in favor and 41 votes against. 12 Republicans and all Democrats voted in favor. The resolution was passed on February 26th in the US House of Representatives with 245 votes in favor and 182 votes against. After the Senate vote is passed, the resolution will be submitted to the President for signature. Trump then said on social media that he "expected" to veto the resolution.

  The lower house of the British Parliament voted to postpone the "Brexit"

Xinhua News Agency, London, March 14th The British House of Commons voted on the 14th to support the UK to postpone "Brexit." However, whether the British "Brexit" can be postponed ultimately depends on the attitude of other EU member states.

  Ma Yun Cai Chongxin sells Ali stock: worth about 37 billion

Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors, and Associated Entity and Charity of Cai Chongxin, Vice Chairman of Alibaba Board of DirectorsfundWill sign a share sale plan today. Since April of this year, according to the pre-determined terms, Ma Yun will sell up to 21.4 million shares within 12 months. By the end of this year, Cai Chongxin will sell up to 9.2 million shares for charitable commitments and general wealth. planning.


  Global grounding! US and Canada announce that all Boeing 737Max8 and 9 are grounded. "New data" hides amazing secrets?

According to reports, Canadian Federal Minister of Transportation Marc Garneau announced on Wednesday that Canada has grounded all of its Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 passenger aircraft and banned the arrival and departure of these two types of passenger aircraft from any other airline in Canada. Airspace. Later, Trump also announced that the US flight to Egypt Airborne crash aircraft (Boeing 737 Max 8, 737 Max 9 series), effective immediately.


  Apple Announces 2019 WWDC Global Developer Conference

On March 15th, Apple will hold the 2019 WWDC Global Developers Conference in San Jose, USA from June 3-7. The latest Apple News will be released at the WWDC2019 Developer Conference to celebrate developers' innovations in machine learning, augmented reality, health and fitness. Apple plans to help new and old developers understand new technologies and tools in the form of technical conferences, practice labs, guest speeches, etc., to stimulate their next stage of thinking.

  Netease koala Canada Goose identified as genuine? Line lady responded

On March 14th, Ms. Line had a result in the complaint against the Netease Koala in the Hangzhou Binjiang Market Supervision Department. Pan Jie, director of the Consumer Protection Center of Binjiang District Market Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou, revealed to the media that the Canadian goose down jacket is authentic and is produced by the Canada Goose Company. In response to this news, Netease Koala said "deeply gratified". For the past three months, I apologize for the troubles and doubts caused by the true and false disputes of the goods to consumers and the public.

  All voices

  The implied volatility of the euro/dollar fell to a five-year low. This bet is bound to be “a big profit”.

According to reports, in the face of the impact of the Brexit and the bleak economic growth prospects in Europe, Nick Maroutsos bets that the violent shock will surely come again to the most active global trading.currencymatch. Maroutsos said that the volatility of the euro against the dollar is close to a five-year low, and the time to bet on "cheap hedging" is ripe. About three weeks ago, he entered the straddle options trading, extending the time to six months. At the same time, he also made a similar bet on US Treasury bonds.

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