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European major stock indexes closed up, France's CAC 40 index closed up more than 1%

May 15, 2019 02:41
source: Oriental Fortune Securities Institute

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On Tuesday, European time, the major European stock indexes closed up, and the performance of basic resources and technology sectors was eye-catching. At the close, the UK's FTSE 100 index closed up 1.09% to 7241.60 points. The German DAX 30 index closed up 0.97% at 11991.62 points. The French CAC 40 index closed up 1.50% to 5,341.35 points.

In terms of individual stocks, the German Volkswagen Group closed up 1%, and the news said that the automaker submitted an IPO plan for its truck division. In addition,InsuranceThe company's share price rose slightly. The company's earnings report slightly exceeded analysts' expectations. The data showed that its first-quarter net profit increased to 1.969 billion euros (about 2.21 billion US dollars). Bayer's share price fell 2%, as a jury in California ruled that the German pharmaceutical giant would have to pay a couple $2 billion in punitive damages. The couple alleged that Bayer's Roundup herbicides caused them Suffering from cancer, this is the largest ruling by the US jury on the lawsuit against this chemical. In addition, Vodafone Group shares closed down 3.7% due to thisBTThe company announced that it will cut dividends to deal with debt problems.

In the news, British Prime Minister Teresa May said that the British cabinet agreed that the Brexit agreement must be passed before the summer recess. The British Foreign Secretary Hunter revealed: It is difficult to predict how the election will change the Brexit situation; the general election and the second round of referendum are the results I do not want to see the most; the parliament does not want to choose the serious consideration option without agreement, and there is no agreement to leave the EU. It is not in the interest of anyone; it is not impossible to reach an agreement with the Labor Party, but the two parties do not trust each other from the nature of the parliament; the EU leaders do not want to delay the Brexit until October 31, although things may change in the future. The stagnation of Brexit cannot continue indefinitely.

Economic data

Changes in the number of UK jobless claims in April (10,000) Today's value: 2.47, the previous value: 2.83 (Amendment: 2.26).

UK ILO unemployment rate for the three months in March Today's value: 3.8%, expected: 3.9%, the previous value: 3.9%.

The average salary of the UK in March for three months does not include the current year-on-year value of the dividend: 3.3%, expected: 3.3%, the previous value: 3.4%.

Britain's unemployment rate in April Today's value: 3%, the previous value: 3%.

Germany May ZEW Economic Status Index Today's value: 8.2, expected: 6.3, the previous value: 5.5.

Eurozone industrial output in March is today: -0.3%, expected: -0.3%, previous value: -0.2% (correction: -0.1%).

Eurozone March industrial output year-on-year value: -0.6%, expected: -0.8%, previous value: -0.3%.

  European stock focus

  "Two-speed" Europe Why is the EU increasingly losing its appeal to rich countries in Western Europe?

The voter turnout rate has been falling in recent years in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Some EU citizens are not keen on voting, and some countries have lost interest in joining the EU.

Dutch Finance Minister Hawkinsta pointed out in a relentless manner the bitter reality facing the EU: "Like a livable and wealthy country like Norway and Switzerland, decided not to join the EU; countries like Denmark and Sweden decided not to join the euro zone. And our friend Britain decided to leave the EU. In the face of this situation, you should look in the mirror."

  Anheuser-Busch InBev was fined more than 200 million euros for violating the monopoly regulations and is splitting Asia-Pacific companies to Hong Kong IPO

Recently, the European Commission announced that because of the world beer manufacturing giantAnheuser-Busch InBev(BUD.US) abused its market dominance during the period from February 9, 2009 to October 31, 2016, violating EU antitrust regulations, fined it more than 200 million euros, and restricted its beer in the Netherlands and Belgium. Cross-border sales.

(Article Source:Oriental wealthSecurities Research Institute)

                (Editor: DF407)

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