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Fortuna said gold: 3.15 gold trend rebounded shorts crude oil market trend analysis

March 15, 2019 08:31
source: Global Forex

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Thursday, due to the United StatesPPIPoor data superimposed on the Brexit doubts, spot gold once refreshed the March high to above $1311. However, with the British parliament vetoing no agreement to leave the European Union, gold has seen a slight decline. Ze Xizhou believes that in the short-term, the price of gold still has a rising space of about 10 to 15 US dollars, but it is further confirmed.US economic dataBefore the business trip, the price of gold prices will be limited. However, given the poor economic data in the United States, if the data continues to weaken, it may lead to a rapid decline in the stock market and ultimately boost gold. Recent inflation data in the United States has not been as good as expected, which has further strengthened the Fed’s expectation of a rate hike. The dollar will continue to be under pressure for a short period of time, which is a bullish for gold.

Analysis of international gold trend: Gold continued to fall during the day, falling nearly 15 US dollars, the second two days of the increase is basically swallowed, the strength of the callback, the market outlook can not be strong, see whether in the past few days can break through the 30-day moving average, the disk Judging from the price, the price just went down on the 30th day of the test. It is planned to go back down after the break, but it goes directly to the bottom, and the range also exceeds the expectation. If the price falls below the opening price and runs below the opening price, the increase is not very high. Optimistic, unless it can be quickly retracted after breaking, but after breaking 1308 in early trading, there is no rebound. In the process of slowing down, especially the five-minute K-line has no physical and continuous positive line, and there is another point. The strength of the rise is not good, and the price is close to the 30-day moving average. The disadvantages are greater than the profit, so we choose to wait and see. Judging from the trend in recent days, the white market is taking the market and the US market is fluctuating. It is difficult to grasp this kind of white disk. Only the probability of the US market going on the next day is high. Currently, it is the daytime market, and there are The space of fifteen dollars, then the night is basically a shock market, for the operation of high throwing bottom suction, support 1294, pressure 1302~04.

Gold operation suggestion: near 1301-03, defensive 4 dollars, the target first look at 1294

Crude oil, the early shocks, the European market diving, the current price is running below the opening price, the one-hour unilateral rise in the form of bad, the evening market is difficult to rise, there will be a large shock, as long as the high-profile giant earthquake sees short-term Top, there are opportunities in the operation of long and short, the specific plan before the US market test 57.8 first, look at 58.8 ~ 59, but after breaking high, stagflation, ready for high altitude, evening ideas first rise and then fall, focus on high altitude.

Crude oil operation recommendations: more than 57.8, defensive 57.3, look at 58.8

At present, friends who are interested in gold, foreign exchange investment, interest, just stepping into the gold market, the funds have been seriously shrunk, and the income is not ideal, can find me. You can pay attention to the palace / heavy / ho / Ze Xizhou I will give you a reasonable solution - warehouse plan according to your entry point, the size of the funds. Since I don't know where your position is - the position of the set, you can't give the corresponding strategy. It is recommended to bring your single position to find Ze Xizhou. I will try my best to solve the problem for you. There is now a chance to be in front of you. You can choose to continue to wait and see, but your investment career will still not change. If you think about it, you will choose it. Choosing the right guidance, Ze Xizhou helps you build your own investment ideas, so that you can go the long way to the best way, add Ze Xizhou to create achievements.

(Article source: Global Forex Network)

                (Editor: DF398)

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