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Huixin on the gold: 3.15 gold can return to the thousand three mark

March 15, 2019 08:31
source: Global Forex

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Analysis of the trend of international gold market:

On the gold daily line level, yesterday fell to the physical big Yinxian, the lowest hit near 1292, directly fell nearly 20 US dollars, the bears momentum is strong, the indicators have also changed. The gold 4-hour cycle is currently in a downward trend. From the performance of the K-line, the sharp decline of the K-line has fallen below the mid-term uptrend since the 1281 rise, and the pattern holders continue to arrange short combinations in the game theory. The above is a strong short position, so the K line itself has once again entered the short. The wave combination on the wave type since 1281 can be considered as ABC rebound, and the current first round of rebound has ushered in a rapid decline. Whether to continue to go up the trend will need to see the specific result of this decline, so the wave type is temporarily defined as Adjustments after ABC, so you need to observe the wave type. The short-term moving average of the moving average has fallen rapidly and fell below the support of the medium-term moving average. Now it has reached the long-term moving average again, but the long-term moving average itself is in a downward state. Therefore, our view on gold is based on the short-term thinking of the moving average system.

On the whole, Huixin believes that the trend of gold fell sharply yesterday, but it also needs to be noted that this decline did not directly penetrate the 1292 support point, so theoretically it is still running in the medium-term bullish trend. Bits 1291, 1280, upper resistance levels 1300, 1303. If the price of gold is supported at 1292, there will be a rebound. If the short-term continuation of the gold price rebounds in the vicinity of 1298-1303, the probability will be lowered to support the vicinity of 1292-1280. Long and short watershed 1302. On the whole, on the operational thinking of today, Huixin personally proposes to rebound from the sky, and the callback is mostly supplemented. The top focus is on the first-line resistance of 1300-1302, and the lower focus is on the support of 1290-1292.

Gold 3.15 operation recommendations:

1#, the upper rebound to the first line of 1300-1302 short, stop loss 4 dollars, the target to see 1294-1296 line;

2#, the next callback to the 1290-1292 line to do more, stop loss 4 dollars, the target to see 1296-1298 line;

Analysis of the trend of international crude oil market:

From a technical point of view, the daily trend of crude oil in the Bollinger Bands has once again showed a flat upward trend.Oil priceSuccessfully explored to the vicinity of the upper rail pressure of the Bollinger Band, the MA5 and MA10 moving averages formed a golden cross to continue the upward movement. 4 hours to open the upper rail of the Brin Road, and also completed the high expansion space. Since the short-term chart has rebounded from the low of 54.40, the process of the downsizing and finishing has been completed. At present, the breakthrough has entered the acceleration stage. The small-cycle long-term has stabilized and is taking advantage of the trend. It is not in this accelerated market to guess the top, the callback Space is limited, in order to replace the callback, the market will still be heavy, currently only slowly rising. On the whole, after the crude oil has risen on Wednesday, it is expected that the crude oil in the market will be technically retraced and adjusted again, and the long trend will continue again. Therefore, Huixin personally proposes to use the callback as the mainstay, and rebounds from the sky. Short-term attention to the 59.3-59.5 first-line resistance, below the 57.6-57.8 first-line support.

Crude Oil 3.15 Operational Recommendations:

1#, the upper rebound to 59.3-59.5 short-selling, stop loss of 0.4 US dollars, the target to see 58.4-58.6 line;

2#, the next callback to 57.8-58.0 first line to do more, stop loss of 0.4 US dollars, the target to see 58.6-58.8 line;

Note: Please pay attention to Huixin Gold for details of specific trading strategies. Detailed operational recommendations, admission points, stop loss, take profit, when to add positions and reduce positions and other market changes and heavy data plans, Hui Xin teacher will pass the official micro to remind the admission and peace! This article is for reference only, adopting risk at your own risk; investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market!

(Article source: Global Forex Network)

                (Editor: DF398)

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