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How to choose an account

Many investors have such confusion. Faced with numerous securities companies, they do not know which one to choose? Here are some points to note when choosing:

1, choose a low commission

At present, it is generally 10,000 yuan commission, that is, the commission for trading 20,000 yuan is 5 yuan. Therefore, securities companies with a value of more than 10,000 yuan must be cautiously selected, and under the same circumstances, the commissions should be lower. (The policy stipulates that the minimum commission is 5 yuan, and less than 5 yuan is charged at 5 yuan)

2, choose to open an account more convenient

For example, many securities companies are able to open accounts online without having to queue up at the business office to open accounts directly through computers and mobile phones.

3, choose some promotions, account opening benefits

Open an account

Q: What are the procedures for opening an account online?

A: You only need to upload the ID photo, video, and fill in the information. You can complete the account opening procedure in 3-5 minutes.

Q: Is there time required to open an account online?

A: Online accounts are accepted 7*24 hours. You can submit an account application at any time.

Q: How to self-service account through mobile client?

Answer: You can open an account and transaction by downloading and installing the client's mobile version through the account opening page via SMS or scanning QR code.

Open an account, just 1 minute

You need to prepare:

  • Cell phone

    Please use my mobile phone, need to accept verification code and return visit activation

  • ID card

    The original ID card of my second-generation resident within the validity period

  • Bank card

    Please use my debit card

If you choose to open an account on your computer

You also need to prepare:

  • HD camera

  • microphone

  • headset

Supported depository banks

National Unified Telephone Commission: 95357 rpm 8 / 4000197700 National unified customer service hotline: 95357

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