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  • Short-term operation
  • Long-term investment
  • Track market hotspots
  • value investment
  • indicator anaysis
  • Research fundamentals
  • Follow the trend
  • Steady investment
  • Pursue high returns
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  • What is a simulation combination?
  • A simulation combination corresponds to a simulation fund account, and the initial simulation fund is 1 million yuan. You can conduct stock simulation trading here. We have access to real-time stock quotes for you. We will also calculate the revenue data for simulation operations and provide various data analysis functions.

    It is recommended that you disclose the data of the simulated portfolio and show it to more netizens so that everyone can interact with each other.

    Dongfang Fortune Net's simulation portfolio is a free function, and the portfolio data of Dongfang Wealth Net's web-side and APP-side is updated synchronously. You can also conduct simulated transactions on the Oriental Fortune Net APP side.

  • How many analog combinations can one build?
  • A user can create up to 20 combinations at most