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  • Short-term operation
  • Long-term investment
  • Track market hot spots
  • value investment
  • indicator anaysis
  • Research fundamentals
  • Follow the trend
  • Steady investment
  • Pursuit of high yield
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  • What is a simulation portfolio?
  • A simulated portfolio corresponds to a simulated funds account, the initial simulation of funds to 100 million. You can trade stock simulations here, we have access to real-time stock quotes for you, as well as accounting data for simulation operations and various data analysis functions.

    I suggest you open the data out of the simulation portfolio to show to more users, we can interact with exchanges.

    The combination of the East Fortune network simulation is free, and the East side of the Fortune web-side and APP-side portfolio data is updated simultaneously, you can also simulate the transaction side of the East Wealth Network APP.

  • How many analog combinations can one build?
  • A user can create up to 20 combinations