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Nickname:Leap peak

Age: 6.1 years

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Total income


Created: 2015-02-07Total assets:10896717.07

124830People concernedDaily income:-2.47% Weekly income:-9.73%

3095187Times to browseMonthly income:6.29% Annual income:-7.01%View the positionTo

Annual income478.86%

Bear bear

1982People concerned166255Browse

administrator:Stock siege

Annual income478.06%

623 Who's the nightmare?

601People concerned42119Browse

Annual income448.53%


2579People concerned162099Browse

administrator:Buffy 007

Annual income376.21%


178People concerned25994Browse


Annual income360.35%

911 stock pool

2110People concerned167957Browse


Annual income-7.01%

Super ultra short line

124844People concerned3093972Browse

administrator:Leap peak

Annual income224.29%

Harvest season

67134People concerned9899993Browse

administrator:Harvest season 00

Annual income-5.74%

Man to help _1

21587People concerned1498955Browse

Annual income-99.80%

Daily limit death squads

21448People concerned360211Browse

Annual income-30.02%


20964People concerned625977Browse

administrator:Boiled fisherman